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Finite resources

March 26, 2010


To the editor:

What is more important: neighborhood schools or state-of-the-art high school sports stadiums? Would you rather adequately maintain current roads and infrastructure or finance future growth that benefits a small influential minority while saddling taxpayers with greater long-term infrastructure maintenance costs? Should schools purchase the latest technologies but then cut staff or arts education in order to stay solvent?

To argue that the choices are not as I describe, because the money comes from different accounts of donors is disingenuous. Ultimately, a community has finite resources. (And where do you suppose the money to maintain those new stadiums is going to come from!)

The airport redevelopment is not just harming North Lawrence. The Farmer’s Turnpike island annexation is not just ripping off residents near Lecompton, and the issue of closing neighborhood schools impacts more than just those neighborhoods. If you care about any of these issues, then you need to take a stand on all these issues!

Until we stop letting developers and sales people wield undue influence upon what we as a community buy or build, we all risk losing services and assets that make Douglas County wonderful — or, alternatively, being bankrupted by the taxes!


mom_of_three 8 years, 3 months ago

Where are we getting this "state-of-the-art "stadiums? They are not. Cause I have seen better at many high schools around the state. LHS is very basic. And don't forget, a lot of Free State's extra was donated.
Did we know school funding problems were looming when they built the stadiums? Not that I recall, although we could have predicted.

mom_of_three 8 years, 3 months ago

Oh, Paulette, I remember alot. I was responding to the letter. They are not state of the art. That is a ridiculous term. Joann/Paulette - as I have said before - I don't work for the district, or partner with anyone in the district, or related to anyone in the district, I just have kids. The athletic facilities were debated for years before action was finally taken in August, 2008. Approval was given before the stock market crash, I believe.
Those schools in Shawnee Mission/Blue Valley also have practice fields on their own property if I recall, which LHS did not.
I also assumed if Paulette was talking about state of the art, then she might be referring to Free state, which looks a lot different than LHS, due to their donated facilities. Some might think the district also built that, which they did not.
I am objecting to the term state of the art, because they are far from that.

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