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Fans share how they ‘bring luck’ to team

Kansas fans Nancy Kisner, Pratt, and her daughters Audrey, center, and Jana cheer during a pregame pep rally Friday in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas fans Nancy Kisner, Pratt, and her daughters Audrey, center, and Jana cheer during a pregame pep rally Friday in Kansas City, Mo.

March 13, 2010


Rodney Stephenson is one of the reasons Kansas University won against Texas A&M; University on Friday evening.

At least he thinks so.

Stephenson, St. Joseph, Mo., was front and center in Kansas City’s Power & Light District for the Jayhawks’ semifinal game against the Aggies in the Big 12 Tournament. Wearing all green KU gear complete with shamrocks on his hat and shirt, Stephenson knew Kansas was going to win. He brought the luck.

“I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance,” Stephenson said after KU sealed a 79-55 victory and advanced to today’s championship game.

Stephenson said he’s been a Jayhawk fan since birth and does whatever he can to will the team he loves to victory.

He’s not alone.

Jayhawk basketball fans do a little bit of everything when they think it’s helping the team.

Overland Park resident and KU alum Steve McGhee said his friends changed viewing locations during halftime if Kansas was behind. He was a little more skeptical and said he didn’t always follow their lead.

“I don’t think it ever really worked,” McGhee said.

Jayhawk fan Carrie Buckley, Waldo, Mo., said her aunt engaged in stretches during KU games because she believed it helped the team score points; Catherine Lewis of Overland Park said her parents always popped popcorn in the middle of Jayhawk games.

Lifelong Kansas fan David Sheppard lends the team a helping hand in close games. Sheppard, of Gladstone, Mo., steps outside during the dying minutes of games when the Jayhawks are behind and lights a cigarette. Then he prays.

Kansas fans will have another chance to partake in their various superstitious rituals today when the Jayhawks vie for the Big 12 Tournament championship.

Stephenson said he’ll be there, and he’s bringing his luck.


Bridgett Walthall 7 years, 6 months ago

I swear the hawks start playing better as soon as I don my jayhawk snuggie. And to prove it, I'm going to put it on before the tip tonight, instead of waiting until the half. Heh!

blackfox 7 years, 6 months ago

You people do realize your all NUTS! The team doesnt care what your wear or what you do. They are going to play however they want, with or with out you!

crusier 7 years, 6 months ago

blackfox: have a little fun... we all like to think we have a part in a Jayhawk win!

blackfox 7 years, 6 months ago

Some people just take it to serious. Thats all Im saying. Like Nascar fans, they to think if they wear a certain hat or shirt that their favorite driver will win. Atelast in B-ball, fans have better odds for their team to win. Not 1 out of 43.

pfeifer 7 years, 6 months ago

I'd be lying if I didn't enjoy my little superstitions too. Even coach has them. When your team is this good, why leave it to chance?

Irenaku 7 years, 6 months ago

Wow...I have had this superstition ever since 2008 that if I walk out of the room and/or quit looking at the T.V. during the last few minutes of the second half (if we are trailing) that the Jayhawks will win... In 2008, just before the miracle shot, I walked out of the room in frustration.
It may mean nothing, but sometimes false hope is good to have!!

Curtis Lange 7 years, 6 months ago

I HAVE to wear a KU shirt on gameday or we either play like crap or lose. Case in point: The Oklahoma State game; forgot to put a KU shirt on until after the game started and well, we know how that one turned out. Every other game this season (can't think of what happened the Tennessee game) I had the shirt on on time.

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