Letters to the Editor

KC competition

March 4, 2010


To the editor:

The headline in the Feb. 10 Journal-World reads: “Kansas City company to offer curbside recycling in Lawrence.”

Say it isn’t so!

According to the article, they plan to bring 65-gallon Dumpsters to decorate our curbsides and hold everything — except glass.

Our local people who currently offer curbside recycling can just go out of business. Our (excellent) local recycling center at 34th Street just east of Iowa Street will take all recyclable items, including glass. It is staffed by people from Cottonwood, who appreciate being employed. They are always courteous and helpful, especially to 89-year-olds like me who can’t always read the numbers on plastic containers.

We don’t need that KC firm’s trucks on our streets and their 65-gallon carts polluting our landscape!


heybluekc 8 years ago

I agree. I do have to admit though loading everything up to go to Wal-Mart is a pain in the rear. Since i rent however I will continue to do so. However about polluting the landscape. Dorothy have you looked to the open fields adjacent to Wal-mart and all the loose bags and paper blowing all over. That actually is more of an eyesore than a green dumpster with a lid on it.

jafs 8 years ago

Actually it's staffed by CLO clients, not Cottonwood.

But it's a nice feature of the place nevertheless.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

We don’t need that KC firm’s trucks on our streets and their 65-gallon carts polluting our landscape!

---but but ad nauseum we hear the liberal far lefties calling for competition in health insurance by which they actually mean government sponsored insurance.

so, which is it? you want competition [so called] unless it is competing with your treasured little greenie wheenie local companies? hmmm. lots of local folks work for health insurers too. and they don't "pollute the landscape" with anything.

"pollute the landscape" a rather colorful phrase anyway.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

it seems like it would kinda sorta be counter-productive to the eco-friendly thing to have big ass trucks come all the way down I-70 or K-10 just to pick up folks' recyclables in lawrence....

Bruce Bertsch 8 years ago

First people b itch and moan that there is no curbside recycling and then when a company wants to do it, the moan some more about the size of the receptacle and the distance the trucks drive. I, for one, plan on using the service.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

The service is not mandatory...

The locals: Community Living Opportunities (785) 840-9278

Home Recycling Service (785) 979-6633

Jeff's Curbside Recycling (785) 841-1284 (785) 865-6089 cell

Sunflower Curbside Recycling (785) 550-8610

Tree Hugger Recycling (785) 550-6267

workinghard 8 years ago

OK, setting myself up here for those against it. I have a rental house where the tenants insist upon recycling, except it never gets to Wal-mart. Whenever I go over there, there a piles of boxes and bags of recycling stacked around. I signed them up for the service and am paying for it myself. I'm sorry but I would not have done this if it had been triple the price.

jafs 8 years ago


You didn't have to do that.

If the tenants are creating poor conditions in your rental property, you can evict them.

If they're not, and it's just messy, it's really none of your business.

jafs 8 years ago

Or, wait until they leave, and keep their security deposit and charge them anything on top of that for damages.

Nobody's arguing that this isn't priced well - the argument is that it will have other consequences.

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