Letters to the Editor

Work for peace

June 18, 2010


To the editor:

I was moved, as who could not be, by Mr. Corliss’ story (Journal-World, June 13-14). He has my admiration.

Yet I am sure any military group has stories of courage and endurance above and beyond what most of us face.

So surely that is not why we call Mr. Corliss’ and my parents’ generation, the greatest.

Nor is it because they won a war. Many people have won wars.

But surely it is because they did not just exploit victory for their ends. Instead, they tried to set up a system to avoid the scourge of war, to respect human rights, to create a system of justice and respect.

Maybe we therefore highly resolve to work for the things they sacrificed for, for peace and for the human rights of all people.


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