Letters to the Editor

Athletic gods

June 18, 2010


To the editor:

These past few weeks I have been reading with amusement the antics of the gods on Mount Oread and the hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing of the humans who worship them. Yes, we have created gods in the athletic department of Kansas University. We have built temples and altars, provided sacrifices and offering, created rituals and mythologies, established high holidays with all the celebration. There is a pantheon of lesser gods and high priests and other servants to perform the rituals and mediate with the gods. We expect them to be more than human and look to them to make our world a better and more prosperous realm.

But how do the gods of classical mythology act? With capriciousness and utter disregard for the humans who serve them. They fight among themselves, and lesser gods who misbehave are thrown down from Mount Oread to dwell among mortals. They are greedy, selfish, petty, and vain. The priesthood who serve them take the temple offering to fatten themselves.

And let’s not forgot the gladiators who perform for their amusement and are pampered until they are killed or too feeble to perform.

The gods we have created on Mount Oread are created in our own image. Recognizing this you would think we would let them go the way of the gods of antiquity. Don’t hold your breath!


Hydra 8 years ago

Whatsa matter LO? Mad because this letter writer has shown more intelligence in one letter than you've shown in thousands of posts?

jaywalker 8 years ago

Hyperbole doesn't even begin to describe that gaseous LTE, Hydra. You have to be kidding.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

USD 497 public school district has been infected as well taking our big government tax dollars from our pockets without OUR permission.

Is this also going on in City Hall?

Taxpayers should take notice where some of the self created gods come from aka the local real estate/building/Chamber of commerce community. Ahhhhhh yes they corrupt our local local governing bodies,then move on to Junction City for some additional corrupt activity and last but least feel the need to be the great movers and shakers of Jayhawk Athletics.

Lifetime supporters are thrown from their seats in favor of the new rich and builders of cardboard housing. Adding insult to injury discover there is further backdoor activity aka hawking prime seating to very special people whoaaaaaaaaa.

This group are constantly shaking down the taxpayers and KU community to create ivory towers aka sports facilities that sit empty most of the time. There is more to come as the never ending quest for a gridiron club is still hot.

Can the FBI and IRS stop this insanity or is the need to be the most important Jayhawk more powerful than a locomotive?

parrothead8 8 years ago

And this is something new? We hold athletes up as role models and pay them more than doctors, police, teachers, and almost everyone else in American society. We created gods of our athletes long ago, and not just in Lawrence KS.

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