Letters to the Editor

Out of control

June 15, 2010


To the editor:

The biggest problem in college sports today is the farce of the NCAA. It’s supposed to be looking out for and protecting student-athletes along with the overall welfare of collegiate sports in America. How can the current massive upheaval (realignment) in major conferences be happening without any controls whatsoever from the NCAA?

Would the NFL be the most successful and profitable professional sport in the world if there was no overall control by the commissioner and collective owners? If the commissioners from all the BCS conferences, and possibly others, were voting on what was best for all the schools and the public, the uncontrolled, unpredictable and likely damaging effects of the current realignment would not be happening; at least not without regard to the overall benefits to most or all schools and sports. The unparalleled success of the NFL is driven by decisions made in the interest of sustaining national interest in their league, not just individual teams or divisions.

These comments and sentiments are obviously too little and too late for what’s now happening. However, immediate action needs to be taken by college presidents and our elected federal legislators to re-create the NCAA or other organization to eliminate future realignment that occurs behind closed doors and without regard for the general benefit of all institutions, conferences and sports. Most importantly, controls and requirements need to be implemented to ensure true academic pursuits by athletes and that significant portions of all athletic revenues are distributed directly toward the main purpose of our colleges: academics.

Stan Claassen,



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