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City Commissioners set to consider making changes to Lawrence’s smoking ban in light of new state law
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A1
Come July 1 there will be a new set of smoking rules in Lawrence, including some that make it tougher to smoke outside.
Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority considering smoking ban in its apartments
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A1
The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority is considering a ban that would prohibit residents from smoking inside authority-owned apartments, such as Edgewood Homes, Babcock Place, Peterson Acres and Clinton Place.
20-year-old man reports being robbed near downtown early Sunday morning
June 7, 2010
A 20-year-old Spring Hill man reported being robbed by several men after accepting a ride home from a downtown Lawrence bar early Sunday morning.
Expect slow going Tuesday on U.S. 59 at South Lawrence Trafficway
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A3
Pavement repairs will be expected to slow traffic Tuesday along U.S. Highway 59 at the southern edge of Lawrence.
KU Chancellor urges Nebraska, Missouri to stick with Big 12 Conference
04:10 p.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 05:15 p.m. in print edition on B1
Kansas chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little urged her Nebraska counterpart Monday to remain in the Big 12 and help avoid a potential calamity for the Jayhawks.
Lawrence Public Schools announce an additional $500,000 in administrative cuts
02:33 p.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 05:58 p.m. in print edition on A1
Lawrence school district leaders have eliminated the equivalent of 11.5 full-time administrative support staff positions — through attrition and six layoffs — at district headquarters as part of $4.6 million in cuts for next school year.
KU football announces non-conference start times
Jayhawks to open vs. North Dakota State at 6 p.m., Sept. 4 at Memorial Stadium
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B3
The KU football program has announced the start times for its 2010 non-conference games.
Oklahoma man to be sentenced in killing of Jefferson County man
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
A man who killed a northeast Kansas farmer who had offered him a place to stay will be sentenced for second-degree murder, with his mother pleading for mercy and the victim’s wife demanding prison time.
Shawnee County Clerk files for Secretary of State primary
11:44 a.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 01:38 p.m.
Shawnee County’s top elections official has formally filed her candidacy for the Republican nomination to be the next Kansas secretary of state.
Statehouse Live: Net metering rules to be reviewed
10:23 a.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 03:27 p.m. in print edition on A5
A public hearing is scheduled this week on rules that will govern how to hook up small renewable power operations to the electric grid in Kansas.
Kansas City artist Peregrine Honig to appear on new Bravo reality series
June 7, 2010
Bravo’s latest variation on reality-style game shows — Work of Art — will feature a Kansas Citian, Peregrine Honig. Work of Art premieres at 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 9…
Republican 2nd Congressional district candidate faces ethics complaint
09:00 a.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 11:58 a.m. in print edition on B10
A Republican challenger in the Kansas 2nd District race faces an ethics complaint over funding for a trip he took in November 2009 as he considered entering the race.
Woman hospitalized after car crash
12:01 a.m., June 7, 2010 Updated 04:07 p.m. in print edition on A4
An 18-year-old Lawrence woman is hospitalized in the Kansas City area with injuries she suffered in an overnight car crash.
Lawrence collections to be featured at West 18th Street Fashion Show
June 7, 2010
This year’s 10th-annual West 18th Street Fashion Show will be Saturday in Kansas City. For such an important anniversary, the coordinators have chosen an appropriate theme: decadence. “A Decadent Summer” will feature the collections of talented designers from Kansas City and surrounding areas. From a pool of almost 50 applicants, Lawrence boasts three separate collections among the 18 finalists. Work by local artists Tricia Rock, Emma Burgess-Olson and Lauren Fallis, and Kaylin Hertel will all be part of the show.
Containment cap collects more oil
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
A containment cap was capturing more and more of the crude pouring from a damaged oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, but that bit of hope was tempered Sunday by a sharp dose of pragmatism as the federal government’s point man warned the crisis could stretch into the fall.
Armies of ants go marching into homes across city
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A3
Ruth Foster imagined someone slowly dragging a black string across the counter in her kitchen. However, upon closer inspection, this black string transformed into hundreds of crawling ants.
Nadal captures fifth French Open crown
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B2
Scurrying along the baseline as only he can, sliding through the red clay he rules, Rafael Nadal stretched to somehow dig the ball out of a corner and fling it back over the net — once, twice, three times — during a 14-stroke exchange that ended when Robin Soderling sailed a shot long.
Who’ll protect students?
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B1
Phog Allen’s grandson is mad as heck, and he’s not going to take it anymore.
Steely resolve: Wellington, Lieto snare triathlon titles
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B1
It might have lacked the dramatics of last year’s performance, but Chrissie Wellington wasn’t exactly complaining about Sunday’s winning Kansas Ironman 70.3 showing.
Horoscope for June 7, 2010
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A9
This year, you experience an unusual amount of drive and focus. As a result, you could fulfill some critical goals or long-term desires that you might have thought were impossible. If you’re single, you might be surprised by how active your social life becomes. If you are attached, work with your significant other to make a dream a reality. Aries always remains your friend, though they sometimes can be brutality honest.
Fido’s first aid: A 101 on warm-weather dangers to your pet
June 7, 2010
A ball flies through the air. Fido runs through the grass after it. Fido grabs the ball, whips around and falls. He’s torn his CCL — the dog equivalent of an ACL tear in a human.
Pump up your summer diet with veggies from the grill
June 7, 2010
Adding vegetables to the grill is one way to keep heat out of the kitchen. Doing so also allows the cook to be outside with family and friends.
Ironman triathletes power through course
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A1
Jeff Martinez was one of hundreds of people to travel to Kansas this weekend to participate in the Kansas Ironman 70.3 at Clinton State Park.
100 years ago: Dyche and family move to Pratt
June 7, 2010
From the Lawrence Daily World for June 7, 1910: “Professor Dyche, the state game warden, has moved his household effects and family to Pratt, Kan., where they will make their future home.”
Phog’s grandson recalls Wooden
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B3
As a college student, Mark Allen was reading legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s book, “They Call Me Coach,” when he was startled by the words, “the late Phog Allen.” “He was very much alive at the time,” Phog Allen’s grandson Mark Allen said.
Woolridge signs at camp
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B3
Kansas University freshman Royce Woolridge sat in the middle of a long table in Anschutz Pavilion, signing autographs for Bill Self’s campers for three hours Sunday while surrounded by his new Jayhawk teammates.
Surging food prices hit poorer nations
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
Families from Pakistan to Argentina to Congo are being battered by surging food prices that are dragging more people into poverty, fueling political tensions and forcing some to give up eating meat, fruit and even tomatoes.
Big Ten officials mum on expansion
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B2
The Big Ten did not take formal action during a meeting Sunday about conference expansion, although officials say their timeline may change after the Pac-10 revealed plans for its own expansion.
Bannister, Royals rout Detroit, 7-2
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B3
Royals manager Ned Yost had a pretty good feeling Sunday when he realized that Brian Bannister was pitching a day game against the Detroit Tigers.
Desmond Tutu honored by Obamas at gala
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A9
President Barack Obama said Sunday the legacy of the nation’s founding fathers has inspired freedom-seeking people around the globe for generations, including those rebuilding South Africa after the end of apartheid.
‘Twilight’ eclipses MTV Movie Awards
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A9
Sandra Bullock was kissing and telling at the MTV Movie Awards.
‘Shrek Forever After’ leads slow weekend
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A9
Hollywood is in a June swoon as a rush of new movies fails to grab audiences.
Couple’s green home equates dollars, sense
June 7, 2010
If home energy efficiency seems like an expensive, difficult-to-understand concept full of undecipherable, mumbo-jumbo terminology and unattainable benefits, Chris and Carol Armstrong have some advice.
Wrong direction
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A7
Living in Lawrence, and having contact with students on campus, I (and they) have concerns regarding the current direction of the academic program and the focus on athletics at KU. The emphasis on athletics distorts the fundamental purpose of a well-rounded educational experience
Had enough?
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A7
The Gulf Coast oil disaster, reportedly the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history, of course, is big news. The images of polluted beaches and poisoned wildlife are heartbreaking, as is the plight of those who have made their living from the Gulf, sometimes for generations. We follow the seemingly inexorable progression of the “spill” via 24-hour news coverage. The attention of the American public is riveted on these tragic events.
Smoke law
A new state smoking ban is a positive step, but Lawrence doesn’t want to lose additional protections included in its local smoking ordinance.
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A7
Lawrence city commissioners need to take the needed steps to preserve provisions in the city’s existing smoking ban that aren’t included in the state ban that goes into effect July 1.
Sunflower Girls State opens 2010 session
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A5
High school girls from all over the state filled Kansas University’s Lied Center on Sunday night for the opening ceremony of this year’s Sunflower Girls State.
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A4
Marriage licenses issued.
Useless apps: Ten of the most worthless applications for your mobile device
June 7, 2010
With the smart phone revolution came a deluge of invaluable and ingenious apps. They allow us to conveniently navigate the modern world, stay informed on the fly and generally make our lives more efficient. But for every Weather Channel app, there are dozens of useless apps…
2 bombs kill 6, including policemen
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
A car bomb exploded outside a Baghdad police station Sunday in the deadlier of a pair of attacks that killed six people in the Iraqi capital, security and hospital officials said.
Line-drying spells energy home run
June 7, 2010
We had a clothes dryer when I was a kid; we just hardly used it. My parents’ memories of line-dried laundry were too fond, especially of the freeze-dried sheets soft as rabbit fur. One of the first things my father did when we moved to our house was dig a hole, fill it with concrete and set an umbrella clothesline into it…
25 years ago: Depot to be moved to serve as KU crew boathouse
June 7, 2010
Union Pacific officials accepted a plan by KU’s rowing crew to move the UP depot from North Lawrence to the south bank of the Kansas River for use as a boathouse. Crew members were planning to dismantle the building stone by stone, and then store the parts until they had raised $236,800 to rebuild the depot on riverfront land.
40 years ago: Summer classes begin at KU
June 7, 2010
Mt. Oread came back to life as summer classes began with record enrollments of 5,836. This represented a gain of 6.3 percent over the previous year’s enrollment.
Ex-KU golfer wins N.C. tourney
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B2
Former Kansas University golfer and Lawrence resident Chris Thompson earned the biggest check of his career by winning the eGolf Tour’s HGM Hotels Classic at Rock Barn in Conover, N.C.
Report: Doctors aided interrogation
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
A prominent physicians group is charging that medical personnel were used to test and refine the effectiveness of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques for terror detainees in U.S. custody under the guise of safeguarding their health.
Radiation aids prostate treatment
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
Doctors are reporting a key advance in treating men with cancer that has started to spread beyond the prostate: survival is significantly better if radiation is added to standard hormone treatments.
P.M.: Activists prepared to fight
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
Israel’s prime minister claimed that the Turkish activists who battled Israeli naval commandos in a deadly clash last week prepared for the fight ahead of time, before boarding the ship in a different city from the rest of the passengers.
Security leaders are removed
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
Afghan President Hamid Karzai removed two of the country’s top security officials — each with longtime ties to American forces — over an attack on a national conference exploring peace with the Taliban.
Police: Men wanted to join terrorists
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A2
They were recorded talking jihad against their fellow Americans. But they hadn’t talked the jihadists into accepting them.
Theater project gives taste of local history
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A3
In the beginning of “Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical,” a group of long-haired New York City hippies sing about the Age of Aquarius, a time that would bring “harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.”
Submit your photos for publication
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A10
The Journal-World invites readers to submit photos for the Friends and Neighbors and Refrigerator Door sections.
Driver fleeing police dies in head-on crash
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A10
Officials say a fleeing driver crashed his truck into a sport utility vehicle and died.
Trial set for Kansan in bus hijacking
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A10
A judge has set a July trial date for a man charged in a hijacking that forced a Greyhound bus off a central Utah highway.
Lobbyist spending surges in 2010
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A10
Lobbyist spending has surged in Kansas this year, particularly in April when there was an advertising campaign against legislation to tax sugary drinks. That legislation ultimately failed.
Running mates
People vote for the person at the top of the ticket, but the choice of a running mate still can send a message.
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A7
When a candidate for president or governor chooses a running mate, he or she often looks for someone who brings different expertise or points of view to the ticket.
Communication camp calls for volunteers
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A10
Agency: Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Communication Camp
Divorces granted
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A4
Divorces granted
Suspect seeks own lawyer in murder case
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
Joran van der Sloot will spend all week at criminal police headquarters being questioned in the death of a 21-year-old Lima woman and has asked to be able to hire his own lawyer, authorities said Sunday.
Advocates praise closing of youth prisons as arrests plunge
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
After struggling for years to treat young criminals in razor wire-ringed institutions, states across the country are quietly shuttering dozens of reformatories amid plunging juvenile arrests, softer treatment policies and bleak budgets.
Many judges in Gulf cases have oil ties
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
More than half of the federal judges in districts where the bulk of Gulf oil spill-related lawsuits are pending have financial connections to the oil and gas industry, complicating the task of finding judges without conflicts to hear the cases, an Associated Press analysis of judicial financial disclosure reports shows.
Signs point to recovery: Stimulus funds give $60M boost to area economy
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A1
On the north end of the Kansas River bridge, a sign lets drivers know just who is footing the bill for the multimillion-dollar construction project at North Second and Locust streets.
Pac-10 gets green light to expand
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B2
A new Twitter account called the “Pac16Conference” debuted this weekend, dispensing witty one-liners in 140 characters about college expansion.
Unneeded medical treatments may have harmful side effects
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B10
More medical care won’t necessarily make you healthier — it may make you sicker.
Kobach: Border battle affects all states
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A1
Kris Kobach, who helped write the controversial immigration law in Arizona, says terrorists are streaming over the United States-Mexico border, armed Mexican cartels have taken over some territory on the U.S. side, and that some Democrats support illegal immigration because they see potential voters.
Celtics get even with L.A.
June 7, 2010 in print edition on B1
Somewhere during the second quarter in Game 2 of the NBA finals, Ray Allen slipped into that shooting zone only visited by real-life superstars and movie characters.
Craig Robinson hosts ‘Last Comic Standing’
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A9
Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “Hot Tub Time Machine”) takes over as host of “Last Comic Standing” (7 p.m., NBC) now entering its seventh season.
Fathers’ days: Inaugural event in Lawrence will honor parenting roles
June 7, 2010
While many organizations like Mommy and Me celebrate a mother’s connection with her children, few events specifically encourage a father’s involvement with his kids.
Key adjustments: Lawrence chiropractor balances work, family life
June 7, 2010
Chiropractic treatments are an integral part of Colleen Auchenbach’s life. You could say they’re a family affair. Her father, two uncles, an aunt and several cousins are chiropractors, and her two sisters attend chiropractic college.
Hot cities, cool drinks
June 7, 2010
For residents in warm-weather cities, summer is just another 90 degree day, and cold cocktails are an easy way to keep cool. Here are five hot cities and their cool drinks.
Even Palin deserves some privacy
June 7, 2010 in print edition on A7
THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD. We do not know if that was Sarah Palin’s initial response to the news that a journalist writing a book about her had rented the house next to hers in Wasilla, Alaska. But who could blame her if it was?
Soup for the soul: Fans swear by Lawrence restaurant recipe
June 7, 2010
Larry Meyer, Lawrence, has tasted a lot of hot and sour soup in his day, and he places the version at King Buffet, 1601 W. 23rd St., above the rest.
Understanding what money is
June 7, 2010
Throughout the recent financial crisis, it has become increasingly apparent to the average person that money can be and has been created out of thin air. Although the complexity of the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to obtain an introductory snapshot of what money is.
Understanding brain’s energy patterns can help your health
June 7, 2010
There is an interesting video you can find on YouTube that shows how a mouse’s brain reacts to a stroke. Immediately following the stroke the brain sends energy to the affected area to further protect it and begin repair. In a matter of hours, the stroke area is repaired. Significantly, the brain does not return the energy used to repair it back from where it came. Instead this new pattern of energy flow becomes the brain’s new survival pattern. The shift of energy may have helped repair the brain; however, it has left the host, in this case the mouse, unable to walk or peep.
A set apart: A Kansas City resident writes an authoritative book on the Lego experience
June 7, 2010
When Jonathan Bender was 30 years old, he decided he wanted to revisit a favorite pastime from his childhood: playing with Lego bricks. But he didn’t just go out and buy a set at Toys “R” Us. The Kansas City, Mo., resident embarked on a yearlong investigation of the national Lego community and wrote a book about it.
Book review: ‘The Well’ takes creative plunge with Shakespearean tale
June 7, 2010
Does anyone remember a 200-year-old, human-eating, well-dwelling monster in “Hamlet”? Didn’t think so — but the mother-daughter team writing under pseudonym A.J. Whitten sees one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies in a whole new light, not to mention era.