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Pump charity now off-limits to coaches

July 17, 2010


The NCAA has barred college basketball coaches from financial relationships with the Harold Pump Foundation, a charity run by college basketball power brokers David and Dana Pump, Yahoo! Sports reported Friday.

Yahoo! Sports reports on its website that “due to the Pumps’ financing of elite summer prep basketball teams, the NCAA has designated the brothers as ‘Individual(s) associated with a prospect,’ and made financial relationships impermissible between the Pumps’ foundation and Div. I schools and their coaching staffs.”

This will be the last summer the NCAA allows coaches and athletic directors to attend the annual Pump charity golf fundraiser in California.

The Pump brothers have been running the foundation since 1999. It was established in honor of their father Harold, a victim of cancer. A Yahoo! Sports investigation found the Pump Brothers played a role in the basketball ticket scandal at Kansas University. The brothers issued a statement saying they “have always conducted our business operations in an ethical, legal, and professional manner.”


smercer 7 years, 11 months ago

There is a conflict so noteworthy that the NCAA has said that no basketball coaches can attend the golf weekend/fun fest in 2011. But can the coaches attend in 2010? Fine. Reminds me of addicts partying the night before they are scheduled to check into rehab. If it not allowed next year, why is it OK this year? Wouldn't want to spoil the pump brothers party, I suppose.

Check out their website where they offer 1) services for AD and coaches 2) tournaments and camps for recruits and 3) consulting for firms such as Adidas, Powerade and others. So much apparent conflict and they don't even try to hide it.

Do the right thing Self, Sayers and Perkins. Don't go this year.

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