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Governor names journalist, political scientist to Board of Healing Arts

July 9, 2010


— Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson has named a journalist and a political scientist to the state board that licenses and regulates doctors.

The appointments of Randy Brown and John Settich to the state Board of Healing Arts were announced Friday. They will fill spots on the 15-member board set aside for non-physicians.

Brown, of Wichita, is executive director of the Kansas Sunshine Coalition and a senior fellow at Wichita State University's School of Communication. He's a former editor at The Wichita Eagle.

Settich, of Atchison, is chairman of Benedictine College's Political Science Department and an associate professor. He's also a former executive director of two out-of-state medical groups.

Their terms will run through June 2014.


devobrun 7 years, 10 months ago

But, B, the world is now a created reality. Computer models are telling us the weather. Theoretical inferences based upon fuzzy data and impossible-to-test "science" dominates our world. In business, its naked credit default swaps. Nobody actually does anything anymore, they will get sued. So they create a reality, form the rules, and dominate their little world.

Lets form a committee to investigate the possibility of forming a working group to study the influence of influence on the influential members of the other committee that is investigating the society within the organization that investigates the influential members of the group.

Ad hoc, ad loc, quid pro quo So little to do So much to know

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