Letters to the Editor

Their loss

January 15, 2010


To the editor:

A puppy is abandoned and taken to the humane society; happens all the time. But this puppy was different. She was blind and deaf and, at six weeks, how could she survive? Someone thought they were getting rid of a puppy with no chance to live, but their loss.

After a month in a foster home, she is found to be a normal puppy! She goes in and out on her own, no need in taking her out because she finds her way around the yard nicely. She maneuvers all obstacles, making her way around furniture, walls and stairs. She plays with toys and never tears them up; she plays with other dogs and likes their company. She has good problem-solving skills, and as any good cattle dog, is very smart and independent.

Too bad, you who abandoned her; your loss. The humane society saw her potential, and she is following through on her part. She was worth it! She is now ready to be someone’s perfectly trusting, friendly, bubbly puppy! She is waiting for you to call the humane society!


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 2 months ago

Oh, how I pray that someone does. I wish I could but as my daughter pointed out, if I had every animal I wanted I would be running the San Diego zoo. Never met a dog I didn't like, or cat, horse, cow, pig, chicken, rabbit, have you saw the rabbits who live on campus? I have watched them silflay in the evening cool.

asbury 8 years, 2 months ago

Ver cool. I hope she finds a great home soon.

jonas_opines 8 years, 2 months ago

Ver cool sounds cooler.

Glad the pup is flourishing, hope she finds a home. Sadly, my dog and four cats preclude the ability to get any more.

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