Letters to the Editor

Agency pride

January 5, 2010


To the editor:

Lawrence and Douglas County have many things to be proud of. One of those is Headquarters Counseling Center, one of the oldest 24-hour counseling centers in the country.

In 1969, on Dec. 16, a place called Headquarters opened its doors at 1546 Massachusetts. In the words of founder Brian Bauerle, “Headquarters was always to be flexible and respond to the needs of our clients. We wanted to be adaptable, not institutional.”

We have met needs never imagined in 1969. We have collaborated with programs such as RVSS (now GaDuGi Safe Center), WTCS, the Emergency Services Council, DCAP, Douglas County Emergency Management, the Crisis Support Teams of USD 497, and more. We have expanded by adding our Phone A Friend line and children’s safety programs, our Healing After Suicide support group, our service for all of Kansas on the national suicide prevention hot-line networks and more.

In 2009, on Dec. 16, 100 people gathered at Watkins Museum to celebrate those first 40 years of “life support,” and to launch the next 40 years. These people were a great representation of the first 40 years of Headquarters Counseling Center — people who used to work here, who work here now, who will work here, who did (or still do) other things to keep our help available, and people who trust us to help them.

HQCC would not be here helping kids and adults every hour of every day without a lot of help from our friends. Thank you!


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