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A safe place

January 1, 2010


To the editor:

Each evening, as temperatures start to plunge, I wonder how many homeless folks in Lawrence find beds at the Lawrence Community Shelter, or maybe they are ushered over to one of the downtown churches who have offered floor space during winter months. Some may find themselves huddled up in places close to buildings downtown. Clearly, the space currently available at LCS is not adequate, particularly as more homeless families are in need. There are now homeless children in every school in Lawrence.

Several years ago, the mayoral-appointed Community Commission on Homelessness approved a housing vision that calls for one emergency shelter with other agencies agreeing to assist with transitional, temporary and permanent housing. The City Commission unanimously supported the plan proposed by that commission.

Here we are with the opportunity to expand the LCS to the proposed location at 2176 E. 23rd St. Is 23rd Street a perfect location? Of course not, but it is one that is realistic. Living in an east-side neighborhood, I have no reservations that any possible problems that might arise at this location will adequately be solved by the staff at LCS.

Thanks to the leadership of community leaders and staff at LCS, our community continues to improve our ability to serve individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep and the opportunity to bring stability to their lives.


bearded_gnome 8 years, 3 months ago

is one that is realistic. Living in an east-side neighborhood, I have no reservations that any possible problems that might arise at this location will adequately be solved by the staff at LCS.

---uh, the drunk/druggie shelter staff has such a fine record!

if that were a house, it would've been shut down years ago as a nuissance house for all the disturbance, crime, and attraction of crime to the neighborhood.

stop the open shelter now. shelter families who are not the habitually homeless. Shelter the homeless individuals who are trying to go right. Don't shelter the bums.

stop enabling self-destruction. some may hit bottom sleeping out in the cold and change their lives because it isn't so nice. stop encouraging bad decisions by providing provinder and shelter to people intent on bad decisions and self-destruction.

somebodynew 8 years, 3 months ago

Thank you Gnome.

Some people just refuse to realize the old saying "if you build it they will come". OK, it is not so old, but it is true for a lot of the folks at the open shelter. They don't WANT to improve their lot, they just want to have people give them everything so they can drink/drug/whatever all day long and still have a warm place to stay.

I understand there are real people out there who actually need some help, and I am willing to support them, but I am sooooo tired of the "bums" that I get turned off of the entire issue.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 3 months ago

Good letter Linda, I too think about that as I am snug and warm in my home. What about those out there who are not as fortunate as I am? I am where I am because of the Grace of God. You don't know what or when someone is going to turn their life around. In the meantime they have the right to certain basics of life. They would find space at the Humane Shelter for animals that were out in this weather. Can we do less for humans? You might not look all that good, and you might be a little ill tempered if you were homeless. It is far from a simple thing to change your life once you have reached that state. I would say that there are not that many who do not want to change but are people caught in a mind loop, where there thoughts spiral around and around. Love them and pray for them. Thanks to all those who are hanging in there doing what you can to help.

equalaccessprivacy 8 years, 3 months ago

There are unjust and inhumane degrees of hardship that will change any human being for the worse, one extreme example being homelessness.

Housing should be a right.

honestone 8 years, 3 months ago

Most of the comments I have seen all usually say that a dry shelter filled with families and people that want a better life will face little opposition. A wet shelter is bad for business and will always be opposed by locals. Why doesn't anyone in the homeless business understand that??

equalaccessprivacy (Anonymous) says…

Housing should be a right

OK...are YOU going to pay for it and how do we tell all the people that work their a@# off for their housing that the others get theirs for free???

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