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Suggested savings

February 12, 2010


To the editor:

I can’t believe we were $5 million short in taxes so our schools have to close. However, if this is true, I suggest:

  1. Consolidate schools, staff of state, city, county and school district officials.
  2. Take out bonds, if possible.
  3. Four-day school weeks.
  4. Use volunteer retired teachers, qualified parents or student teachers.
  5. The school district needs to sell its buildings and land it doesn’t use.

No needless spending on football, soccer fields, golf courses, homeless shelters, and Kansas University victory parties. None of these things should be done at the expense of the children’s education.

None of the government has any accountability in its spending and this mismanagement occurs.

Lawrence needs to attract businesses so jobs and the economy will flourish.


texburgh 8 years, 4 months ago

Use volunteer retired teachers? parent volunteers? What are you thinking? We don't need a short term fix to our budget problem it is a long term devastation to education. You are suggesting we no longer support professional, qualified, certificated teachers. It takes skill and a great deal of knowledge to be a teacher. It takes a professional. Would you just go to anybody for health care? I think not. Yes, I do put teachers on the same level as doctors. Teachers work with the youth of America. Our most important resource for our future. Please contact your legislators and plead for money for education. The quality of our lives is dependent on education. Support your teachers.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 4 months ago

New larger buildings will cost millions upon millions upon millions of tax dollars. No savings here.

Our paid for school buildings are worth millions upon millions upon millions of tax dollar savings.

It is more apparent than ever that school districts are needing additional sources of funding. Teachers deserve salary increases and decent health insurance. Our legislature is not a reliable source although by law it is a state responsibility.

Neighborhood schools are good for Lawrence. No Lawrence neighborhood wants to be without an elementary school within the neighborhood. Lawrence has spoken out on this issue numerous times.

There are families that which cannot afford two cars or bus transportation. Therefore walking and/or bicycling become the modes of choice.

How do we solve this problem for the long term?

Two revenue sources are available

  • online state wide sales tax dedicated to public schools only is a reasonable source.

  • a local source to help fund USD 497 medical insurance, salaries, and perhaps school fees. This could become available as a dedicated City of Lawrence USD 497 user fee: http://www2.ljworld.com/polls/2003/mar/teacher_salaries/

Of course these mechanisms will only be supplemental.

All USD 497 schools benefit.

Perhaps experienced USD 497 teachers will stop fleeing to Blue Valley as well.

multiagelearner 8 years, 4 months ago

Merrill: New larger buildings will cost millions upon millions upon millions of tax dollars. No savings here.

How much will that heating system cost at Cordley when it quits? What about the ADA lawsuit that is going to be filed against ths school since it is not up to code?
New York: Principal salary approx. $65,000 for 130 kids. Langston: Principal salary approx. $65,000 for 475 kids.

Most bang for your buck???

Your right, those big schools are so costly!

Note to merrill: get facts right before I comment.

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