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New report reveals benefits of raising Kansas cigarette tax

February 10, 2010


Anti-smoking advocates rally in Topeka

More than 100 anti-smoking supporters rallied for a comprehensive smoking ban Wednesday in Topeka. Enlarge video

Kansas’ cigarette tax is 79 cents per pack. That’s 35th in the nation. The national average is $1.34 per pack.

A report released today says raising the state’s cigarette tax by $1 per pack WOULD

• Raise $74.7 million a year.

• Prevent 21,600 children under age 18 from becoming smokers.

• Spur 12,000 adult smokers to quit. Most would quit within months.

• Save 10,000 residents from premature, smoking-caused deaths.

• Save $11.6 million in health costs over five years from fewer smoking-affected pregnancies, heart attacks and strokes.

• Save $492 million in health care costs. These savings would accrue over the lifetime of people who stop smoking or never start because of the increase.

Poll finds:

• 67 percent of voters nationally support a $1 tobacco tax increase.

• 70 percent oppose other options to make up budget deficits such as higher state income, gasoline and sales taxes, and cuts to education, health care, transportation and law enforcement programs.

Matthew Myers

Matthew Myers

“This report shows that raising tobacco taxes is truly a win-win-win for Kansas. It is a budget win that will help protect vital programs like health care and education, a health win that will prevent kids from smoking and save lives, and a political win with the voters.”

— Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Report details:

• “Tobacco Taxes: A Win-Win-Win for Cash-Strapped States” was released by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

• These organizations commissioned the national survey of 847 registered voters was conducted Jan. 20-24 by International Communications Research and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

• More information, including the full report, state-specific information and detailed poll results, can be found at


somedude20 8 years, 3 months ago

"Prevent 21,600 children under age 18 from becoming smokers"

How does that work? Underage kids who buy (or have others buy) smokes for them can afford $5.30 a pack but if the cigs are $6.30 a pack, they won't be able to buy em?

" Spur 12,000 adult smokers to quit. Most would quit within months"

Boy, I sure do wish that I could have the same fortune teller who told them the above statement give me tonight's lotto numbers

Steve Jacob 8 years, 3 months ago

I can agree with the "Raise $74.7 million a year" part, but after that the rest of the numbers they pulled out of their behinds (or at least some hard core non-smoking website).

I also believe the health care cost are never as high as they say due to people dying earlier.

gsxr600 8 years, 3 months ago

I think the "would" in bold and caps should read "may".

cowboy 8 years, 3 months ago

Past tax increases on tobacco have proven to be 1 year wonders. the users quit , buy from other sources , the revenue drops.

The state received a 1.6 billion dollar settlement from big tobacco to be paid out over 25 years. This was to compensate for state medicaid costs purported to be from smokers health care costs. One can argue that every one dies from something and the costs , most of which occur in the final six months , are not unique to smokers.

The state of kansas has used those dollars to fund childrens programs to date. Annual tobacco tax goes into the general fund.

The state is ranked 39th in spending for smoking education , prevention , cessation.

In a nutshell the state has profiteered from tobacco revenue and failed to invest any significant amount in reduction of smoking other than a $ penalty while becoming dependent of the revenue.

What will they tax after the tobacco revenue drops again ?

lindseydoyle 8 years, 3 months ago

A report from the anti-smoking lobby- very credible, very objective...NOT. It should not even be reported in the newspaper it is so lacking in credibility. What would a report from the pro-tobacco lobby look like?

Flap Doodle 8 years, 3 months ago

Dear Leader has proclaimed that ciggie taxes in Kansas have saved or created 8 billion jobs this year.

Stuart Evans 8 years, 3 months ago

snap, the actual figure was closer to 9 billion jobs... :)

avoice 8 years, 3 months ago

Even the $74 million in annual revenue is questionable. It was recently reported that cigarette sales tax revenues for 2009 were down 21%, resulting in $2 million less income for the State than was expected. The recession combined with the health risks combined with the increasing sales taxes on tobacco products seem to be achieving the result of causing people to buy less smokes. Or, at least, to buy less of them in Kansas retail outlets.

meggers 8 years, 3 months ago

Other more objective analysis has shown that increasing cigarette taxes results in regresssive taxation that disproportionately has a negative impact on the poor.

Not that I would necessarily support this either, for the reason stated above, but if the folks who commissioned the study are truly concerned about public health, perhaps they should study the impact of increasing taxes on refined sugar products, fast food, chips, soda, and alcohol.

meggers 8 years, 3 months ago


The snowpocalypse must be producing some fallout in Kansas, because I completely agree with you on this one.

Sunny Parker 8 years, 3 months ago

I would much rather see what the state would gain by adding a huge tax to colas!

Think of the money the state could save on handouts for childrens dental bills, and doctor bills.

These kids grow up to be obese....there is nothing possitive about drinking a soda.

I wish the state would save us all from bad things.

Sunny Parker 8 years, 3 months ago

How about cutting back on all government handouts:

Section 8 Free cell phones Food Stamps Medical cards Cash assistance

How about forcing dead beats pay their child support so tax dollars don't have to support their children? How about forcing the baby makers to stop having children they cannot support?

Nathan Anderson 8 years, 3 months ago

It's been said already by others in the comments but just to reiterate:

-the money goes into the general fund, not for smoking cessation programs -it's a regressive tax -health/revenue benefits could be found by taxing processed foods, but those are consumed by a majority of the voting pop. -the report was commissioned by anti-smoking groups

kansasmutt 8 years, 3 months ago

What a bunch of CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard so much fiction in one sentance in my entire life. I ask this guy 1 question. Hey dude, How come the life span of smokers is above the nations average ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1 more question Dude. How come all you do gooders have slowed down smoking in our nations population, but yet the life span of americans is falling like a rock ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sell your crap to another state. Anyone who believes this line of crap is under the influance of something strong. parents need to teach kids not to smoke if they want, but for you and your group to tell smokers to pay more, you SUCK !!!!!!!! find a hobby, make bird houses.Move to Russia PLEASE.....

relaytheurgency 8 years, 3 months ago

ostracize a minority, then tax the hell out of them!

dontcallmedan 8 years, 3 months ago

It's obvious we need much stronger cigarettes. Ones that kill you after, say, two or three cartons.

kujayhawk7476 8 years, 3 months ago

Raise the tax on cigarettes, raise the taxes on alcohol, raise the sales tax on all items including food and prescription medicines. Use taxes will generate more revenue based on ability to pay and what one purchases; it's time to act, Kansas legislature, find some courage, if you can, which I doubt.

somedude20 8 years, 3 months ago

I just read that Kansas is going to tax you if you are: white black asian mexican spanish italian indian (both flavors) french (you get double taxed) chinese russian young old smart dumb pretty pretty ugly they will dig into your pockets and the best you can hope for is a quick rub

Jason Nowak 8 years, 3 months ago

The state has to pass this tax increase. They have the non-smokers already, but they need to keep the smokers alive longer so they can stick it to us in another way. If can't afford to buy cigarettes, don't worry. Uncle Sam will tax you in another way so you can't afford anything. Raising taxes is not going to make anyone quit or any minors from not buying them. Who do they think they are kidding besides themselves. Get a life and stay out of mine.

Centerville 8 years, 3 months ago

We'll be seeing the same study next year, but it will be about the millions the state can steal from fast food sales and the tonnage of weight loss among "the children". All bogus.

jafs 8 years, 3 months ago


As long as your filthy habits don't affect me or my family, or cost us any money, you can kill yourself any way you wish.

puddleglum 8 years, 3 months ago

this isn't fair. government regulation out of my lungs now! government regulation off my property! If I wanna eat chicken and smoke-that's my freedom! If you don't want to eat next to me because you don't like the sweet smell of cigarette smoke (like the rest of us) then you move to another table. states' rights! government regulation, hands off my pocketbook! no tax for anything. If you want a police dept, build it yourself no tax for anything. If you want a fire dept, build it yourself no tax for anything. If you want a school, build it yourself we voted republicans into office in our patriotic state, they should be allowed to do whatever they want. no more government regulation on government officals! time is ripe for a teabagger party NOW! lynn jenkins: No regulation! Sam brownbacks: No regulation! Phile Kline: NO regulation! great white hope: NO regulation! hands off our money, stop trying to steal what we've rightfully stolen! get off my property and go back to soviet Union. sarah palin: NO regulation you betcha!

Jason Nowak 8 years, 3 months ago

Jafs, Any way you look at it, it is a double edged sword. If I smoke around your family, then yes, I am ignoring your rights I think, but if you vote to increase the tax, then you are affecting my life and my rights as well I think. I don't get into politcal stuff that much. All government and politicians are thieves and liars anyway.

KawHawk 8 years, 3 months ago

Please smoke. Then you'll die sooner. Odds are you're a lower-class loser, if the stats on smoker demographics are correct. If anything, cigarettes AREN'T lethal enough. Ideally, they'd kill off anyone stupid enough to smoke'em before they breed, and cause a fast death so that health care costs are minimized.

somedude20 8 years, 3 months ago

KawHawk (Anonymous) says… "Please smoke. Then you'll die sooner. Odds are you're a lower-class loser"

wow, what a scumbag statement!!!

fayrae 8 years, 3 months ago

it is obvious from reading all these angry ignorant comments exactly why there is a decline of western civilization. and particularly why america is no longer represents goodness and morality in the world. are you all as evil as your posts?

puddleglum 8 years, 3 months ago

if you vote for me, you will find out!

kristyj 8 years, 3 months ago

a $74.7 million increase means kansans smoke 74.7 million packs per year. with 20 cigarettes per pack, that means kansans are smoking almost 1.5 billion cigarettes per year.


mr_right_wing 8 years, 3 months ago

Are these new 'electronic cigarettes' taxed just like traditional smokes? I've already heard that 'electronic cigarettes' may be exempt from most types of smoking bans. My number one problem with cigarettes and smokers is the incredibly offensive can be hours since your last smoke, but I'm very sensitive to the smell and the odor still offends me. (I'd rather spend the whole day having to deal with the smell of dog doo-doo than five minutes with an extremely smelly smoker!) From what I've read about 'electronic cigarettes' (or e-cigarettes) is that they only emit an odorless vapor -- they still have the same health risks, it's just that I wouldn't have to put up with your stink smokers. I've noticed that web ads for 'e-cigarettes' have even been on this very website. So in the opinon of MRW; if ya gotta smoke and kill yourself -- do it with a less offensive to me e-cigarette!

kansasmutt 8 years, 3 months ago

I have to laugh at the non smokers and the way they think. They feel they have rights, but smokers don’t and are a lesser class of people. It boils down to choice. I have the choice of letting or not letting people smoke in my business. I can post a sign to warn either party. The state is not going to run my business nor pay my bills. Ban or no ban , people can smoke in my business(.Note to KAWHAWK non smokers die everyday. Who knows cancer may sneak up on you and you’ll be a lesser person and maybe die from it. I can’t say it would be much of a loss to anyone. Also the stats on smokers are fabricated from a small group of people who have an agenda and do NOT use factual numbers.

hutchster 8 years, 3 months ago

I dont know right or wrong on smoking...never actually have had anyone show me evidence that smoking does cause cancer. But they should put higher taxes on fertilizers sprayed in damn near every yard in lawrence and washed into the kansas river( among the dirtiest rivers in the nation) maybe if everyone quit smoking then the government would go bankrupt and we could live in a truelly free America once again. Right or wrong healthy or unhealthy even the freakin morons in the united nations know that automobile exhaust is much more dangerous to the world than freakin cigarette smoke! Anti smoking groups just line the pockets of or government officials to get their agenda through..there are no real statistics only bias statistics funded by organizations to promote their cause... Perfect example Asphertame....good for you or not? Keep taxing kansas you cant make it on the free money you get now, doesnt matter how much you get. You keep opening doors for the black market and peoples ability to make a living pushing tobacco!

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