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Southwest ninth-grader opens the door for all freshmen to join high school sports teams

District policy does not prohibit freshman from playing high school basketball

Southwest Junior High’s Kennedy Kirkpatrick, No. 15, plays against Blue Valley Northwest on Wednesday.

Southwest Junior High’s Kennedy Kirkpatrick, No. 15, plays against Blue Valley Northwest on Wednesday.

February 4, 2010


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Thanks to the efforts of a parent, Lawrence has taken a step toward allowing ninth-grade athletes to compete on high school teams.

Free State High’s girls basketball coach, Bryan Duncan, confirmed Wednesday that plans are in place for his program to absorb any ninth-grade girl headed for Free State who played junior high basketball this winter. Duncan said the girls would be welcomed to the Firebirds program beginning Feb. 13 and placed on varsity, junior varsity or C-Team for the remainder of the season.

For the past decade or so, many believed district policy prohibited ninth-graders from playing high school basketball. But no such rule exists. In fact, the district has a policy that specifically outlines the criteria for freshman eligibility.

Kennedy Kirkpatrick, center, a basketball player at Southwest Junior High School, is breaking new ground for junior high athletes in Lawrence. Through the efforts of her father, Jeff Kirkpatrick, all ninth graders now are eligible to play high school sports.

Kennedy Kirkpatrick, center, a basketball player at Southwest Junior High School, is breaking new ground for junior high athletes in Lawrence. Through the efforts of her father, Jeff Kirkpatrick, all ninth graders now are eligible to play high school sports.

High School Spodcasters

Are freshmen fit for high school competition?

Join the Journal-World's Matt Tait as he welcomes former Free State High boys basketball coach, Jack Schreiner, and former Lawrence High boys basketball coach, Chris Davis, to the podcast studio for a round-table discussion regarding the current state of ninth-grade athletic eligibility at Lawrence's high schools.

Athletic Participation for 9th Grade Students

“9th grade students may participate at the senior high school level in any sport that is not offered at the junior high school. If that sport is offered at the junior high, a student may move up and compete at the senior high only after the completion of the junior high season.”

In order to take advantage of it, a form, which is listed on the district’s Web site but cannot be accessed, must be signed by five people: the athlete’s junior high coach and principal, the high school coach and principal, and a parent.

As of Thursday, Southwest Junior High ninth-grader Kennedy Kirkpatrick was the only freshman in the district who had filed the form, complete with signatures of Duncan, Free State athletic director and assistant principal Mike Hill, Southwest principal Trish Bransky, Southwest coach Kristin Mallory and her father, Jeff Kirkpatrick.

Jeff Kirkpatrick spent several months researching this issue and Duncan credits the father’s determination for the latest development in this ongoing saga.

“This was fully parent-driven,” Duncan said. “There was no help from coaches or administrators on this.”

Kirkpatrick is a staunch supporter of moving ninth-graders up to the high schools, in part because his daughter is widely regarded as one of the top ninth-grade players in the city.

“She didn’t know a thing about all of this until this week,” he said. “The only reason I kept going with this was because there wasn’t ever a clear answer — from anybody.”

Rick Gammill, the district’s director of special operations, referred inquiries to high school administrators.

To many, the timing appears odd because in August the district denied a proposal supported by both high schools to allow ninth-graders to join the schools’ basketball programs from the start of the season. Just weeks before that denial, ninth-grade wrestlers were give the OK to compete on high school teams — from the start of the season.

Hill said comparing the two scenarios — bringing up ninth graders at the start versus adding them at the end — was comparing apples and oranges. Adding new athletes to a team toward the end of the year can be disruptive.

“This is not the first time we’ve heard of this,” Hill said. “Is it a common practice and does it come up every year? No. But people are allowed to pursue this if they choose to do so.

“You’ve got policy and practice. But our policy is very clear. It’s been very ad hoc in basketball over the years, but it is part of our policy, even if it isn’t standard practice.”

Not everyone has embraced the latest news regarding freshman eligibility. Parents of athletes who missed out on this opportunity in recent years still harbor resentment, particularly toward school administrators for not bringing more attention to the district’s policy.

“The thing that bothers me is that there’s a supposed form on Page 47 of the district handbook and it’s as simple as filling out that form and getting to move up,” said Mark Parker, whose daughter, Haley, is a senior and three-year starter at LHS.

“If that’s true and it’s just a simple form you have to fill out and the athletic directors didn’t want to hassle with it, then that’s a travesty. And if they didn’t know about it, then they should have. If they knew about it, (they) should be ashamed. They should be looking out for the best interest of the kids and, in this case, they haven’t done that.”

Lawrence High’s varsity basketball coaches, Mike Lewis and Nick Wood, both said Wednesday that they had no plans to incorporate freshmen into their programs this season. Free State boys coach Chuck Law said he would not pursue the option either.

“We’ll keep going along with the rule that says freshmen aren’t allowed to move up and we’ll stick with that until the district decides to move them all up as a whole,” Lewis said.

Added Wood: “Our rosters are full and we will not be having any ninth-graders move up this year. But we would definitely be willing to look at it next year, when the whole process has been evaluated more efficiently. I guess I’m just surprised about the timing of all this. If this is a policy that has been in place a long time, then why have athletes at both schools been denied this opportunity in the past? That’s the million-dollar question, ‘Why now?’”


Melissa Sigler 7 years ago

I graduated in 2001 and I played sports at LHS for four years...

Matt Tait 7 years ago

Good point, mdsigler83....

To clarify, ninth graders have been allowed to compete at the high school level in the past, but only if the sport was not offered by the junior highs, i.e. swimming, cross country, gymnastics, etc.

The change here is that this form (which we're told has always existed) now allows boys and girls in basketball, volleyball and football to explore the option of moving up.

We've included the district's policy on this matter in the story above to help clarify this.

Thanks for pointing it out. - Matt

d_prowess 7 years ago

I can't believe any coach would want to absorb new players into a team that has been practicing and playing together for a few months. High School sports definitely have chemistry development during the season and I think something like this could be more disruptive than anything. You need to either be there at the start, or not there at all. (with obvious exception to new student transferring situations)

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

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Casey_Jones 7 years ago

When I did track as a ninth grader I think it was fairly common for the varsity runners to finish their season at Free State after junior high track ended.

Hop2It 7 years ago

It is absolutely amazing that this has gone "undiscovered" until now. Amazing.
I guess better late than never. She should have been playing with the team the entire season. Just like all the other 9th graders/Freshman in Sunflower League Schools.

Paula Kissinger 7 years ago

Don't know about the other sports but my son and a few other boys from the junior highs wrestled with Free State as 9th graders just a few years ago.

lllwll 7 years ago

Save us money and end the practice of equal acess to all sports programs.

sportsFan22 7 years ago

but, the reason she has not played with the team the entire season was that there was a presumed policy in place that somehow Mr. Kirkpatrick found a loophole in.

truman 7 years ago

Ninth graders were allowed to participate at the high school level 30 years ago in Lawrence when I was there- if the junior high did not have their sport or if the junior high season was over. So why is this news?

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

ok, why do you people keep talking about what happened 30 years ago and what happened in swimming, golf, gymnastics and wrestling, this is a volleyball, football and basketball issue. so keep your comments to this issue only if your brain has that capability.

Hop2It 7 years ago

I wonder why this didn't come up when they presented the proposal to allow basketball players to play with high school teams at the beginning of the season?

dmarti 7 years ago

Let's not forget, Mr Kirkpatrick was working for all ninth grade athletes. Yes his daughter can play. In addition to working for his child, he worked for other athletes his daughter plays with and against. Several players will benefit from this change and both groups can learn from each other. Many of these girls are not strangers to the high school as they have practiced/played with them before. These girls have fulfilled their committment to their schools and had a great experience with their team.

Mr Tate, I believe the wrestlers had to commute to the high school for practice...did they not?

Let the kids play. It is Lawrence High's choice not to participate, why would they not want the extra girls for practice and give them the opportunity for experience for the next year.

Mike Wagner 7 years ago

Freshmen wrestlers have been doin this for years. Once the jr high season is over they can go practice with the high school team and if they are good enough they can wrestle for a spot on the varsity team

justoneperson 7 years ago

lionbacker, the point is, the policy has been in place for quite some time; and, people have been taking advantage of it for years, regardless of the sport.

but, here you go: in the mid-to-late-90s, there was an instance of a basketball player finishing their junior high season and playing with a high school team. (don't think it was varsity...). It gave this athlete the chance to compete at a higher level. Also, as I don't believe it was varsity, it gave the team a chance to work together for the benefit of future seasons.

sportsFan22 7 years ago

ok.... lets not argue about who did and didn't get the opportunity to move up and play. Years ago the junior high girls basketball season was shorter (over by Christmas) and when that was the case freshman could move up (which is exactly the way that Olathe has done this for years). This was fought by a BOYS parent who wanted the same opportunities for their son and he was allowed to play on the free state team for their final games that year. Needless to say that didn't go over very well (political nightmare I believe it was called) and the policy of allowing ANY basketball player the ability to move up was eliminated.

The issue here is the policy was changed at that point it hasn't been changed since.... it is simply being interrupted differently.

fshsbird 7 years ago

interesting that only 1 of the 4 high school coaches are on board with this new ruling.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

As far as LHS not adding freshmen, perhaps its because the LHS teams are starting to come together. Adding a freshman to the mix would not necessarily help at this time. It does seem a shame that all the standouts of city basketball could not take advantage of this "rule."

Maxandwillie 7 years ago

This is great!! Now the high school teams will have the same potential players to draw from as the rest of the state. If 9th graders are good enough they should be able to play.

As for LHS not supporting it or not, that doesnt matter. Policy evidently allows it and if a player's talent level merits the advancement then it should happen.

fshsbird 7 years ago

hey mom, I would hardly say that a 5-8 record and coming off a 11 point loss would classify as coming together.

gordo08 7 years ago

If you're talented, then you should definitely be able to move up to varsity in 9th grade. The best thing is it opens up a spot for another kid and who knows that might be the chance they needed.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

no, the 9th grade season is over, it only takes a spot away from an existing free state player that has practiced and conditioned with their team for months. make this clear. the policy has not changed, a loophole in the policy was found.

Kufan57 7 years ago

I would say this is old news since a son of a former KU basketball coach played at Free State as a freshmen years ago..

oleballcoach05 7 years ago

That is correct Kufan......don't quote me on the year, but I believe it was 2001 or 2002. And it was actually two kids that the Free State boys pulled up. Keith Wooden and Neil Daughtery both were called up to finish out the season at Free State.

sportsFan22 7 years ago

the point is for years kids have been told this isn't possible... for years they have been told that the "policy" was that 9th graders were NOT allowed to move up (in basketball, football, and volleyball) because the junior highs were able to offer complete seasons (as opposed to tennis, wrestling and track).

No one denies that having freshman available would certainly help (especially in girls basketball)... freshman have been ready and would have helped for years (case in point the current senior class that boasts at least 6 kids who have started on their high school teams since they were sophomores). The ability to bring up freshman was taken away because the administration didn't want to deal with the politics of how it was handled... plain and simple. Now it is being allowed because a few individuals have sudden noticed the inequity? The arguable point here is that many have been denied this opportunity because they were told that there was a district policy that prohibited it. Now that is serves Free State High School the "policy" (or lack their of) is conveniently being interpreted differently.

This isn't about one kid or a parent that is just being an advocate for his daughter. This is about a school that continues to "interpret" the rules however they see fit depending on the hand that they have been dealt.

domino 7 years ago

The whole thing seems a little strange to me - mostly because I went to a smaller school where "jr. high" was 7th & 8th grades and "high school" was 9-12. The high school normally had a Varsity, JV and either C team or Freshman team - depending on how many kids were out. If a kid was good enough, as a freshman, he could be playing on the Varsity team. But again, we are going back 30+ years! Guess I don't really have an opinion on this - it doesn't affect me and so not really an issue. If she is good enough to play, let her - and the team should be happy to have her. If she bumps someone that isn't as good, then so be it. Oh yeah - I forget - we might being doing irreparable damage to some other childs fragile ego. I'll let it go at that!

rockCHALKdiva 7 years ago

This whole issue is absolutely rediculous. There should be NO one moving up this season, since there has been no policy change or proposal that has gone through to ALLOW it. 6 years ago freshman girls moved up at the completion of their 9th grade season. 5 years ago they changed the rules, and prohibitted any girl from moving up to play highschool basketball as a freshman. THERE HAS BEEN NO RULE CHANGE SINCE THEN. GIRLS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE UP UNTIL A RULE CHANGE AND LEGITIMATE POLICY HAS BEEN PASSED AND AGREED ON BY EVERYONE - coaches and administraters.

NO ONE has been able to move up and play highschool basketball for years now, NO ONE. what is so special about this girl that the fs coach thinks she can be better than every one else and just go ahead move up, and play. The policy now is no different than it was the first year they stopped moving girls up. This would have NEVER worked then, so why is it working now?

I do 100% think 9th graders should be able to compete at the highschool level. I think they should now, and i think they should of 5 years ago. This would not even be an issue if the policy that was proposed a few years ago would have already been passed and in place.

d_prowess 7 years ago

An important item of note is that the other 3 coaches didn't say they don't want 9th graders to be able to compete on a varsity team, they just don't want to add them to their teams at the end of the season when their 9th grade season ends. There is definitely a difference between a 9th grader making varsity during tryouts at the beginning of the season, and just being added to the team at the end of the season.

sportsFan22 7 years ago

dmarti... good point that these select few kids have been playing with the free state team at the high school for the last few years (in leagues and open gyms). I do believe they could possibly make this change without messing the team "mojo" and I'm sure FS's bigs are excited to have some guards that can release some to the pressure on them. I don't however agree that LHS is wrong in choosing to NOT do this. With just a few weeks left in the season I doubt Coach Wood is concerned about "the future".... I'm assuming he will spend his last weeks preparing for each game and trying to improve with the season ahead. Don't make the mistake thinking this is about the future. This is about THIS season. Coach Duncan just wants a guard to go with his D-1 posts.

Clickker 7 years ago

I feel sorry for the current girls on the FS JV and varsity that will get bumped down to C. Seems like they should allow 9th graders to play, but do it from the start.

Hop2It 7 years ago

Wow...I didn't know about the history. (That basketball had been allowed, then not allowed.) Apparently this policy has been "re-discovered" or perhaps, reinterpreted is a better term. So really Free State is the one opening the door by interrupting the policy to allow ninth graders to play.

Anyway, hope this all ends up with ALL 9th graders being able to participate with the high school teams from the beginning of the season.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

firebird fan - the girls are starting to come together, considering from where they started. and the game was much closer than the score indicated.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

at times, LHS does have problems sharing the ball, and playing as a team. BEsides, I don't think any freshmen would be going to varsity, even if Coach wood decided to move them up.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

Free State has some good guards playing with their D-1 posts, and Robinson and Garcia are really making a difference. I don't think any freshmen will be taking their jobs.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

And Wren Wiebe, a senior guard, has played varsity since her sophomore season. I think her job is safe, too.

drnater 7 years ago

i agree with domino, if they would just do what almost every other school format is setup as then this wouldnt even be a discussion. If there gonna be called freshmen then they should be in high school. Id never heard of high school only being 10-12 grades till i moved to lawrence, what is the point of it?

Clickker 7 years ago

Kennedy wont knock down the girls you mentioned ( Jackie, Lynn, or Wren)...but she will knock down a bench player. Thats the one that doesnt deserve it. Not this year.

Clickker 7 years ago

Also, is she going to be the only one? Are the twins going to move up? Certianly all three could play at least JV, and thats fine, but lets put em on equal footing at the start of the year. Dont push 3 girls from JV to C at the end of the year.

fshsbird 7 years ago

mom, apparently you have been watching the 5-8 lions and have not seen kennedy play yet, she makes them a legit state championship contender. she takes the game at lawrence high from a game the lions could win to a blowout for the firebirds, the lions will not be able to control the bigs inside and the 3 point shooting from kennedy, great day to be a firebird.

sportsFan22 7 years ago

come on now firebird... kennedy is a great player and she definitely fills a roll that FS needs (perimeter scoring and ball handling) but I don't think they become a state contender. There is just too much involved in that and this team has underachieved all year. Don't think adding a freshmen is going to change that.

Hop2It 7 years ago

Clikker...good question about the twins at West.

Thinking_Out_Loud 7 years ago

Clearly, there is a problem here that needs to be fixed. Once Congress is done with the College Bowl Championship Series problem, maybe they can turn their attention to this issue.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

are you talking about the twins from west or southwest. the southwest twins are really good and could definitely help free state. not sure of their name but they can really shoot it and play great defense.

Clickker 7 years ago

The twins from Southwest. West has no one that can play at the JV level at this time.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

fshsbird, no,I have not watched junior high ball lately. But FSHS already has three point shooters, and I don't think she is going to knock Robinson or Garcia off the floor. And i don't think any little freshman is going to blow out LHS. apparently, you have not watched the 5-8 lions.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

apparently, you didn't watch the first game at FSHS. Lions play defense (when they put their mind to it).

Hop2It 7 years ago

I would have taken Haley Parker for even just a couple minutes a game as a freshman or Dorian Green. Last year LHS could have used Buffalomeat or Pritchard and FSHS needed Robinson. You can make your own list.
In other sports in Lawrence and on other school's 6A basketball teams, freshman are quite capable of playing varsity. They are not "little freshman."

mom_of_three 7 years ago

Oh, I know that Parker could have played as a freshmen and all the ones you mention. But I don't know too many freshmen in Lawrence right now, who could come to high school and get varsity minutes as you talk about.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

And I still don't think a single freshman is going to make FSHS blow out LHS. You discredit the FSHS team by even suggesting that one single person, who hasn't seen any varsity time, could make that kind of difference.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

and no freshman would play any significant minutes at LHS varsity either.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

Believe me, I have seen plenty of freshman play basketball at the varsity level, but most of them have begun with season with the high school.

no_thanks 7 years ago


I don't know how much varsity and 9th girls basketball you have watched, but your assessment of the impact of Kennedy, Alexa Gaumer (from West Jr. High), the Cassidy twins from Southwest, and perhaps a few others would be felt immediately. They may not become starters, but they would definitely contribute.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

starters in what? varsity, jv, c team? In what?

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

Ed West, Mike Hill, Matt Brumguard and Ron Commons, you need to come out and make a statement on this issue. are you just gonna let a parent find a loophole in the policy that has been strictly enforced for the last 6-7 years. and make no mistake, the policy has not changed, brian duncan and jeff kirkpatrick are going over your head.

no_thanks 7 years ago


Those players mentioned would be strong contributors on the FSHS Girl's Varsity team.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

well, not sure what you mean by strong contributors, but Free State already has a good starting 5 and 6th off the bench (as it depends who starts). Freshmen wouldn't be starting, but could contribute some minutes to a game, as FSHS only have a couple of players on the bench for relief. Freshmen would see some time, but not sure they would take anyone's spot completely away.

no_thanks 7 years ago

I'm not arguing that they would take anyone's spot completely away. I'm simply saying Kennedy and Alexa can play the game at a very high level, certainly for their age, and would be able to contribute to the Varsity team immediately.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

uh huh. well, all the things that go with a new team. AND there are some very good teams in the sunflower league and can make lots of players look very, very bad.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

well, don't FORGET all the things that go with the new team....

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

Stick to the subject

I think we all agree these kids are ready to play at this level (ok well maybe Mom of 3 doesn't but she has admitted she hasn't seen them)... if they weren't then I don't think it would be an issue. Coach Duncan didn't pursue this so that he could have freshman ride the bench on his varsity squad. He pursued this because he feels they could make a difference... and chances are they will.

The question isn't can they... its should they... under the circumstances bypass the "policy" and be allowed to move up and play VARSITY for the final 2 weeks.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

NO, I haven't seen them, but I have heard about them. All I say is keep it in perspective. What they do in junior high and in summer ball is a little different than high school ball.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

and lionbacker - I haven't forgotten that Duncan does have a shorter varsity bench than LHS. He does need bodies.
But look at all the great players in the city - all of them would have contributed as freshmen, some would have really made a difference, if allowed.
No, it doesn't seem right that the "rule" has changed to benefit one school.

Hop2It 7 years ago

"Ed West, Mike Hill, Matt Brumguard and Ron Commons, you need to come out and make a statement on this issue. are you just gonna let a parent find a loophole in the policy that has been strictly enforced for the last 6-7 years. and make no mistake, the policy has not changed, brian duncan and jeff kirkpatrick are going over your head."

I agree that someone needs to make an official policy statement for the schools/district. Now that I know the history behind this "re-interpretation," I guess not allowing anyone else to play 5-6 years ago was not "official policy." I still wonder why this wasn't discovered/interpreted when the policy was presented this year to the board to allow 9th graders to play at the start of the season.

Hope all goes well for this year's players, and the 9th graders in the future are allowed to play with the high school teams from the start of the season.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

And some of the above posters seem to think she will lead FSHS to a blow out over lhs - perspective people.....perspective....

mom_of_three 7 years ago

and duncan didn't pursue the matter - the parents did.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

I hate to tell you mom, but coach duncan did tell the paper that he had nothing to do with it but i will bet my house payment that he did, if you think he didnt then you are delusional, he has been pointing to this year for 3 years now and dont think he hasnt spoken at length with mr kirkpatrick on ways of getting kennedy for these games. sure puts alot of pressure on coach duncan. 2 division 1 senior athletes and 1 perspective division1 athlete, sure would suck not to get to the state tourney. coach duncan, just remember 2008 LHS girls state champions.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

I didn't say that i believed it, did i lionbacker....just that he said it. interpret how you want. just remember, we support the same school.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

I know he was waiting for Robinson to hit high school.

lance1jhawk 7 years ago

I played golf for LHS for four years under Coach Commons. Well Ross Randall was really more a golf coach than Ron Commons was. Just saying he's not that great a golfer.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

and neither are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb Engstrom 7 years ago

The year that LHS girls won the state championship in the early 90's there was a 9th grader on the team.

tshirtand 7 years ago

This manufactured controversy adds another heavy layer of pressure on this girl. Every mistake she makes will be magnified; the opposing players will be out to get her. And judging from the posts on this thread there is already animosity towards her from other players. What parent would want this for his child?

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

deb, thanks for making my point, policy used to be that 9th graders could play, and then they changed it.

Hop2It 7 years ago

"This manufactured controversy adds another heavy layer of pressure on this girl. Every mistake she makes will be magnified; the opposing players will be out to get her. And judging from the posts on this thread there is already animosity towards her from other players. What parent would want this for his child?"

I have been trying to focus on the policy...not the personal implications. When I first read the article, was struck by how convenient this "discovery" was for FSHS, and not how it might effect the player now and in the future. I don't know how I would handle this if I was a parent. I don't know this father, either. He could be a hero fighting for what's right or he could be a big bully getting what he wants. I hear that she is good and she deserves to play. Not sure if it is worth it for a couple weeks at the end of the season. I hope that the outcome is positive for his child AND for the all kids that play basketball. Basketball is a team sport.

colealdrich 7 years ago

Ok...she did not open the door for all of the freshman, her dad did. and I honestly don't see how you can add a freshman to the team right now without messing up team chemistry, this team has been practicing together for months. she is probably good and all, but this has been against junior high competition

Clickker 7 years ago

Again, bad timing imo. And from what i have seen, she CAN lay, and will

The others mentioned, the Gawmer girl from west, she may be good in a few years, but is too small and slow for the high school game right now. The twins from SW good Jr high players, bt too small for HS. Right now.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

BTW: Coach Duncan was the sole person who voted against moving the 9th graders up 5 years ago. Main reason for this was that LHS had a number of players who could help them, (Taylor Bird). Now that he has a player that can help him, he is pushing for it. I know for a fact that he was the main person pushing to get kennedy eligible, not just the parent as he quoted, as well as his 2 division 1 players moving from Ottawa and Lecompton.

Clickker 7 years ago

So, now with the precident set, will volleyball players be able to tr out for the HS's next year? Can you imagine if a few yrs ago, the core LHS girls ( Shoenwies, Severa, Moisman) could have played? May not have helped then, but they would be all the better now.

shygal83 7 years ago

this particular year certain sports (girls bball, for instance) should not be moved up because the playing field is not equal. the only reason this issue is brought up because of this one 9th grade girl at southwest. not all the girls have equal eligibility--you can only play a certain amount of games per season and some girls have more than other, thus, unfair. maybe next year once everything is settled in advance this is a good idea; however, for now, let 9th graders stay where they are.

Hop2It 7 years ago

Basketball is a team sport where it is difficult to move up at the end of the season (compared to tennis, track and formerly wrestling.) I honestly thought that why you couldn't move up after football, volleyball and basketball. They need to get this fixed / clarified so the kids can practice with the teams this summer if they are going to be able to play with them next year.

guitarguy 7 years ago

Hop2It states

"I don't know this father, either. He could be a hero fighting for what's right or he could be a big bully getting what he wants."

I know from past experience. This guy is all about getting what he wants regardless of who is in the way. Another example of a "parent" trying to live through their kids.

colealdrich 7 years ago

lionback, what do you mean his two division 1 players moving from lecompton and ottawa?

Clickker 7 years ago

"what do you mean his two division 1 players moving from lecompton and ottawa?"

Well, they transferred in to play at FS. Actually, in AH's case, she moved in in JR. High. Just felt that she would get better exposure at a 6a school than at Perry. That was her dads decision

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

Ashli Hill moved in from Perry and Chantay Caron conviently moved in from Ottawa. Seem fishy to you. Funny thing is, had they moved into the Lawrence High area they would have a state championship or 2.

colealdrich 7 years ago

thanks for the clerification on that. yeah LHS would. wasn't sure if you were talking about they already came or were moving in

KANSASGATOR 7 years ago

I heard from our players in JOCO that she can play, and will have a huge impact on a team that cannot bring the ball up the floor, or shoot it very well.

How incompetent are the people running the schools? It takes a parent to find/read the policy before something happens? Let the girl play! If someone gets knocked out of the rotation, then it IS better for the TEAM. We call that "competition." Nobody has a right to play...ability determines playing time, provided she is a good student as well.

Every once in a while, Lawrence Schools look like more like western Kansas than the civilized University town that it should be...

While I do not know the parent, and I coach HS girls hoops in Joco, I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING FOR MY DAUGHTER. Have some of you ever thought of who might see her play, and what it would mean for her to play/practice with Hill and Caron?

willywonka 7 years ago

I agree kansasgator, we should really look like more like a civilized town. You should lead our public in our transition to our new civilized way of life.

KANSASGATOR 7 years ago

town is great- sometimes, however, it looks like its schools are run by goofs, particularly when a parent has to figure out the policy...

Clickker 7 years ago

Garcia is an adiquate ball handler. Doesnt share as well. Robinson can handle it too, but ets her emotions get her flustered. Humphrey can handle it the best, but really cant create. Duncan is looking for thetotal package, and Kennedy should provide it. She WILL take minutes from the girls above, and if it were next year, I would say OK. But not after your team is established.

Hop2It 7 years ago

All these comments are the best inside coverage I've read of FSHS girls basketball. Clickker and others, please keep us updated what happens!

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

she will definitely help the underachieving firebirds. how can a team with a 6'5" division one player and a kansas state signee have 5 loses and a bunch of wins agains 4A and 5A schools, look up their wins, very unimpressive. and very undiscipline and emotionless play, comes back to the coach.

Clickker 7 years ago

Honestly, the 6'5" D1 signee really isnt THAT good yet. Thus the punt by OSU. She can be good in the future, just hasnt developed yet. Caron is athletic, but really lacks fundamentals. When I watch that team play, it just doesnt look like the girls are having fun. Not like the LHS team a few years ago that won it all. They truley had funplaying togther.

MIke Mallory 7 years ago

clickker, you are exactly right. those 2 have not improved in the last 2 1/2 years under coach duncan. when is she going to improve. and if put in the right situation the caron girl could be scoring 20-25 points a game. but just isnt getting used right. even with the stud 9th grader coming in, I see no way they make it to the state tournament. just not tough enough.

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