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Dean candidate says initiatives would support chancellor

February 2, 2010


Joseph C. Shields

Joseph C. Shields

Joseph Shields told a Kansas University audience Monday how he would support Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little’s goals if he were dean of KU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A native of El Dorado who was educated at KU as an undergraduate, Shields is a finalist for the position that opened after then-Dean Joseph Steinmetz left for Ohio State University. Shields said he had experience working in difficult economic times.

“Planning for cuts requires working through the available options in a systematic way and examining the consequences,” said Shields, currently the chairman of Ohio University’s department of physics and astronomy.

Addressing questions from audience members concerned about a divide between the sciences and the humanities, Shields said that the humanities, social sciences and creative arts are a critical part of a college education.

“The dean has to be clear in statements about the value of the humanities,” he said.

He said he would seek out initiatives that would support Gray-Little’s goals of increasing student retention, raising the level of scholarly research and increasing fundraising on campus.

KU has announced two other dean candidates: Susan Carlson, associate provost for faculty advancement and diversity at Iowa State University, and Greg Simpson, KU’s interim liberal arts dean. A fourth finalist is expected to be announced by early next week.


oneeye_wilbur 4 years, 2 months ago

4chewnut, now some are finally realizing that KU isn't that great, that the top leaders / deans aren't interested in coming here, unless they aren't wanted someplace else.

Lawrence is becoming ho hum.
Notice, they all want to seek initiatives , blah and blah,.What are they really going to do? Please J/W, interview these candiates and get some specific answers from them or don't waste space in the paper with the same old humdrum answers. Get a current photo of these people also.


4chewnut 4 years, 2 months ago

Seriously, this candidate and Carlson (the first) are the best KU can do? I am sadly surprised.


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