Letters to the Editor

KU steps up

December 26, 2010


To the editor:

In Kansas University’s recent game against Berkeley, Journal-World writers at the game castigated KU basketball for getting “chippy” and for showing “immaturity.” Viewers in Lawrence with the advantage of instant replay, saw different angles multiple times on TV of the incident with Marcus Morris, instigated by Harper Kamp (a great actor), who seconds earlier had viciously, deliberately thrown his own left elbow hard to the face of Morris who retaliated in kind, got caught and was thrown out.

OK, probably shouldn’t have done it, but he did. In the ensuing timeout, we saw Berkeley Coach Montgomery yelling, gesturing, emotionally imploring his team to go after KU, and they did! KU instantly responded as a team and became tough, physical and more aggressive in reaction to Berkeley’s attempt to taunt, bully and physically intimidate them.

Although the sports writers and coach Self expressed disappointment, I think KU fans saw it different and are extremely supportive of KU basketball and Marcus Morris who refused to be pushed around. KU rose to the occasion initiated by Berkeley to show they will not be bullied, intimidated, or roll over on their back and play “nice.”

KU basketball rose to Berkeley’s challenge and more than proved their mettle. KU basketball plays as a team, plays like men, not boys! KU basketball does not play like KU football!


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