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Bears: Basketball game against Jayhawks ‘just physical’

December 23, 2010


Highlights: KU vs. Cal

Kansas defeated Cal, 78-63 on Wednesday Dec. 22, 2010 at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, Calif. Enlarge video

— The Cal players said there were no hard feelings following their 78-63 loss to Kansas University in a rough game Wednesday night.

“Just physical. Just two teams going hard,” Cal center Markhuri Sanders-Frison said. “That was it.”

The two teams combined for 45 fouls, including three technicals.

“It was just two teams competing hard,” Cal guard Allen Crabbe said. “... I know both teams wanted this game.”

One of the roughest scenes was early in the second half, when Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez had to be restrained by coach Mike Montgomery following a tie-up with KU’s Thomas Robinson.

Both players received technical fouls.

“It pumped us up,” Crabbe said. “After that we had a little run. It pumped us up, and the crowd got into it.”

Still, the play bumped Gutierrez’s foul total up to four and put him on the bench for an extended period.

“We’ve got some guys trying to take care of themselves out there,” Montgomery said, “and it cost us.”

Montgomery said Gutierrez needed to be smarter in that situation.

“Gotta love Jorge. He’s the greatest. He’s the best, but he’s a stubborn son of a gun,” Montgomery said. “If you attack him, he’s going to come back at you. ...

“He takes things personally. He competes out there. It’s not a bad thing, except there are times and circumstances.”

Montgomery wasn’t expecting a physical game against KU.

“I really wasn’t,” Montgomery said. “I think, obviously, both teams reacted to the other team. We went out and wanted to try to compete, then some stuff happened and there was reaction both ways. I didn’t expect that, but we were trying to compete.”

The Bears didn’t seem frustrated that the play turned chippy against the Jayhawks.

“Nah, it was fun. It was a great environment,” Sanders-Frison said. “We were waiting for this. We were excited about it.”


makeitstop 7 years, 6 months ago

“We were waiting for this. We were excited about it.”

No you were asking for it from the beginning.

1: Shame on KU for stooping to your level.

2: Shame on us again. We're a program rich in tradition and should always try to play the game with the highest of class

3: Shame on Cal for playing dirty.

4:And shame on the refs for not getting the game under control earlier. Most spectators of the game saw it coming in the first 5 minutes when they were getting a little "chippy" (still hate that word) but we were getting the whistle. Maybe they should have had a few conversations to reign things in.

Ultimately we did beat them on the scoreboard but only because they're a team that makes up for their lack of talent with antics on the court. A better team would have taken the ejection and momentum shift and shoved it down our throats. I'm sure coach will have plenty of running to hand out on Monday.

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