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Kansas-USC notebook: Morningstar, Reed involved in big plays at end, too

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed goes up to defend USC forward Alex Stephenson's attempted dunk during the second half, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed goes up to defend USC forward Alex Stephenson's attempted dunk during the second half, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

December 18, 2010


KU vs. USC

Kansas freshman Josh Selby and teammates Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson discuss their win over USC and Selby's last-minute shot that propelled the Jayhawks to victory Saturday, Dec. 28, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Brady Morningstar’s defense was dandy on an inbounds pass play that resulted in a USC turnover with :05 left and KU up, 69-68, in Saturday’s 70-68 victory over the Trojans.

USC’s Jio Fontan, who was tightly guarded by senior defensive stopper Morningstar, stepped out of bounds in front of the Trojans bench after accepting a feed from Donte Smith.

“Brady’s in his hip pocket, so he (Fontan) has to go three feet further out,” said KU coach Bill Self, noting, “We put supposedly our best defensive team out there on ‘out of bounds under’ (USC goal).

“Maybe the pass was off a little bit, I have no idea, but I think he was obviously on the line. Brady deserves credit for that.”

Noted Morningstar: “Before the ball is in bounds, you’ve got to get set and run him (Fontan) off a screen. That’s what I did. Thankfully he caught it out of bounds. The whistle blew after he caught it. He shrugged a bit.”

He tried to make it

KU senior guard Tyrel Reed, who was fouled on the ensuing inbounds play after Morningstar’s stop, made the first free throw then missed the second with :04 left.

His one make gave KU a not-so-safe 70-68 lead.

“He was trying to make them,” Self said, noting the strategy was different from the UCLA game in which Mario Little purposely missed the second toss in the closing moments of a 77-76 victory.

“Afterward, he (jokingly) said, ‘Hey, I missed way out in the corner, so it took up time and they didn’t get off a good look (on Maurice Jones’ missed halfcourt shot at buzzer).’

“He’s right. They didn’t (get good look). Tyrel’s a bright kid. He’s already graduated. He had it all planned out.

“In that situation, you’ve got to make it,” Self added in a serious tone. “Then we’d have called timeout on the second make and probably fouled when they threw it in (up three). It worked out well for us.”

Joked Reed: “It’s what I said: ‘Miss it on purpose’ because it worked out for the best. They couldn’t set anything up. ‘Kieff (Markieff Morris) tipped it to the corner, and that wasted some time. I should have made it. It’s just one of those things.”

Off day

Tyshawn Taylor had one assist, six turnovers and seven points.

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t see much (from Taylor),” Self said. “That was poor play, and he knows that. I’m sure he feels bad but that was poor play today.”

Off the bench

Power forward Markieff Morris didn’t start because of coach’s decision, not any disciplinary reason. Travis Releford opened in Markieff’s place and had one point, one rebound and two steals in 15 minutes. Markieff Morris had 11 points and eight boards in 30 minutes.

Little not with team

Little, who was arrested on four counts of battery, two counts of criminal damage to property and one count of criminal trespassing Thursday, remains on suspension. He did not attend the game, but remains on the team.

“He was told that he shouldn’t be here (by Self). He’s still part of our team, but I don’t know what the next move is because I haven’t talked to enough people in the know about exactly what is going on,” Self said. “If the rumors (of violent behavior) are true, which I’m not saying they are or aren’t, it (punishment) will be significant, if or when he comes back. A lot depends what the police report says and what the judge says, obviously.”

Ellis in the house

Wichita Heights junior forward Perry Ellis, who has a final list of KU, Kansas State, Kentucky, Memphis, Oklahoma and Wichita State, attended with other members of his high school team.


Signs in the building read, “Josh Chalk Jayhawk,” “It’s showtime,” and “All I want For Christmas is No. 32”. ... A funny, crowd-pleasing holiday video shown in the first half had Jayhawk player and coach mugshots superimposed on the bodies of Santa’s elves.


amesn 7 years, 5 months ago

So what do the Morningstar haters who every week complain that he can't defend, he sucks, blah, blah, blah...have to say now? Josh won the game, Brady sealed it, and Tyrel sweetened it! Great game from Selby, disappointing game from Tyshawn-hopefully it was just a brief blast from his past and he was just thrown off guard a little having to 1. Play against his bff Fontan and 2. Adjusting to the addition of Josh on the floor. Tyshawn only marking one assist yesterday is horribly uncharacteristic of him and even though his passing still needs definate improvement, his passing in this game was almost atrocious (sp?)-even the passes he completed to his fellow teamates were off the mark and wild. Although that one when he inbounded the pass right into the defenders arms was maybe a little more T-Robs fault than his, T-rob appeared to just forget that he was the designated receiver for that inbounds play and wasn't paying attention when the pass was lobbed right for him. I also want to see us be able to maintain a double digit lead more efficiently in the 2nd half. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the 3rd game (and all against PAC 10 schools too I believe) that we have had a double digit lead for the majority of the game and have slowly but surely watched it die out in the latter part of the second half. As exciting as the nail biters are...I would rather they occur against teams that are more equal to us in talent and not when we have previously had a double digit lead on them for most of the game! You guys are raising my blood pressure too much...and the added pressure of maintaining the sacred home court win streak doesn't help! And as a side note-is anybody else ready for us to start playing 2 games a week consistently? This waiting a week in between games fooey stinks! The week drags on and on and on and on...of course this wait for this last game seemed like infinity! Rock Chalk!

FrankDrebin 7 years, 5 months ago

AMESN, Perhaps you should watch the tape of the game again. What I saw was Morningstar getting beat several times, giving up at least one and 1 because of poor defense. His playing time will diminish as the year goes on. When was the last time you saw him hit an open three. He doesn't make shots, his defense is average at best. I would much rather have Tyrel on the court then Brady.

Brett Fuller 7 years, 5 months ago

As normal everyone looks at Brady's one good play and ignores the rest of the game. What about back to back plays where he lost his man and it led to easy jumper or next play where he let his guy down the right for an "and 1?" If anyone can take away their Lawrence bias and evaluate a whole game you may have a different opinion. Nice guy but not a starter on a national championship team.

jmonley 7 years, 5 months ago

Is someone from this company required to write an inspirational article about these two after every game. Morningstar was roasted off the dribble all day long. Reed wasnt much better. They isolated on whoever Morningstar was guarding and they broke him down leading to either a foul or a bucket most times. I will not listen to this propoganda about Reed and Morningstar being important any more. They are essentially the same very average player, and they should rarely, if ever be on the court at the same time. The people backing the playing time of these guys are making themselves look silly, please take another look at the whole tape.

Mark Thompson 7 years, 5 months ago

Wow, hate much? A look at the tape will show every player on the floor getting beaten at various times through the game. Selby overplayed his man a number of times and you don't see anyone calling for him to have reduced minutes. Yes, Morningstar got beaten a couple of times late in the game and who did Coach Self (a national championship winning coach) put in the game to replace him - that's right Tyrel Reed. Face it, you don't know more than those who are getting paid huge dollars to make those decisions so please go crawl back under your rock.

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