Letters to the Editor


December 10, 2010


To the editor:

Conservative Charles Krauthammer (in his Dec. 3 column) succinctly summed up Wikileaks with three sentences: “The problem is not that the purloined cables exposed U.S. hypocrisy or double dealing. Good God, that’s the essence of diplomacy. That’s what we do: that’s what everyone does.”

We do it, everyone does it, and that makes it OK. Well, hypocrisy and double dealing is certainly how the U.S. conducts foreign and domestic policy, and it is why we have been involved in a seemingly endless string of senseless wars since the end of World War II: Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, First Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq are highlights. Check the official record of military actions by the U.S. since 1945; read for a week and get sick at the death, destruction and waste.

Julian Assange’s Wikileaks (according to the Guardian, and even the Pentagon) has not been responsible for a single person being harmed.

People in positions of power talk about transparency, but when confronted with true transparency discuss assassination as a solution.

Hypocrisy and double-dealing are unacceptable within a family and are unacceptable in the family of nations.


Tom Shewmon 7 years, 3 months ago

Wait until the cyber attacks go off the charts---if they haven't already. Wait until your Visa or Mastercard is hacked into. Apparently, many of you miss the news. This loon Assange has brought every cyber warrior nut out of the woodwork. Again, the looney left must be deranged to think this OK.

John Hamm 7 years, 3 months ago

!) He didn't bring 'em out. They came out in support of his stand. 2) The Cyber attacks are DOS attacks - not designed to break into the data bases but to clog the server and take it off line. 3) Well, some of the "looney left" (original spelling - not mine) wonders how the ridiculous right can justify what the exposed communications divulge!

BorderRuffian 7 years, 3 months ago

Are the documents that expose the "looney left," particularly the goofs and blatant lies of the Obama administration, also left to the "ridiculous right" to explain away? What is it that makes any of the Demolibs think that the lies and deceit exposed by Assange is limited to the "right"?

Grayghost 7 years, 3 months ago

So if what Assange did is ok, based upon that rationale, media sources should reveal where they get all their information from as well.

ksriver2010 7 years, 3 months ago

"Hypocrisy and double-dealing are unacceptable within a family and are unacceptable in the family of nations."

Family of nations??!! Most of the world, including the UN, would like to chop the US and the big 8 nations down to size, to reallocate wealth, land, etc. Who needs a family like that?

This is a reasonable letter up until this last statement.

BorderRuffian 7 years, 3 months ago

The real hypocrisy is our entire diplomatic process. Anymore it seems our entire diplomatic approach to handling crises is simply to bribe the governments. Take North Korea for examply. Every time Kim Johg Il wants more money, he rattles a few nuclear sabres, and the US Gov't, under the guise of diplomacy, dumps a few more ships full of cash on them. They call it "aid," but let's face what it really is - a huge bribe on our side, to an entirely corrupt government on their side. How much of this "aid" money do you think ever makes it to the mouths of their hungry masses?

How much of MY money, and yours, goes to purchase mansions, yachts, and fancy cars for the very persons who slam our way of life and puke hatred all over the world?

I'd personally love to keep all that bribe money to help our own country, and simply bomb to perdition the nuclear facilities in N. Korea AND Iran.

Richard Heckler 7 years, 3 months ago

Wikileaks provides the an opportunity for USA citizens to catch a birds eye view of how our government operates abroad which those who live abroad know all to well.... so I speculate.

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