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Lawrence Police Chief Ron Olin announces retirement

Olin served as chief for 23 years

Ron Olin has been police chief since 1987.

August 3, 2010, 1:32 p.m. Updated August 3, 2010, 6:59 p.m.


Soon there will be a new top cop in Lawrence for the first time in more than 20 years.

City Hall leaders on Tuesday announced that longtime police chief Ron Olin will retire on Sept. 1. An interim chief is expected to be selected within a week, and a national search for a new chief is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

On Tuesday, though, colleagues were hailing Olin’s tenure as chief, which began in 1987.

“I can tell you that I was always proud to call him chief,” Mayor Mike Amyx said. “He’s very much been a to-the-point type of guy. He’s a no nonsense type of individual, but a true, true professional. A professional is the best way to characterize him.”

Olin wasn’t available for comment on Tuesday. A police department spokesman said he was serving as an instructor at a police academy and planned a news conference for 10 a.m. Wednesday. But in a letter announcing his retirement, Olin said it has been a privilege to serve in the city’s top law enforcement post.

“I have been honored every day to have been the Chief of Police and to help provide outstanding law enforcement service to our community,” Olin wrote.

City Manager David Corliss said Olin had indicated to him that he is exploring another career opportunity, but other details weren’t available. In addition, Corliss said Olin will turn 60 next month and is eligible to begin collecting retirement.

“He’s been a very good leader,” Corliss said. “He’s been a strong proponent of training and equipping his staff and officers with what they need. And he’s been a good counselor. He has provided good advice on how to respond to community needs, whether it has been serious crime or dealing with Final Four celebrations.”

Officers who served with Olin said he led by example.

“One of his favorite sayings was that he once met a man with no shoes and felt pity until he met a man with no class,” said Dan Affalter, a retired police captain. “Ron Olin had class. He set the standard of conduct in the police department.”

Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson, who took office in 2005 as the county’s top prosecutor, said Olin’s long tenure and his academic expertise benefited law enforcement agencies in the county.

“His longevity in that position has been remarkable, and I think that's a testament to his ability to run an efficient and effective office,” he said.

The police department’s six captains met Tuesday afternoon and elected Capt. Tarik Khatib to speak for them.

“He’s always had this philosophy of leaving it better than you found it,” Khatib said. “Everything the chief is going to be recognized for is going to flow along that theme of whatever it is he was doing, he would always leave it better than he found it, including the department and including the community.”

Olin began his police career in 1971, just a few years removed from graduating Lawrence High School. Olin later became known as a broadly educated police chief. He holds a doctorate of philosophy in developmental psychology, and has taught university courses ranging from anthropology to criminal justice.

Olin’s retirement will come about a month before the city auditor releases a report on the police department. But several City Hall leaders, including the auditor, said they were confident the upcoming audit had no bearing on Olin’s decision.

“The audit is not expected to make any finding against the police department or even make any recommendations for changes,” City Auditor Michael Eglinski said. “It really is just an audit identifying where we could do future audit work related to the department.”

As city manager, Corliss will be responsible for hiring the next chief. But Corliss said he’ll have multiple conversations with city commissioners, and also will seek public input on what is needed in a new chief.

Amyx said he expects several internal candidates will apply for the position.

Affalter said he considered Khatib to be a strong candidate to replace Olin.

"He was just recognized by the city commission for completing the FBI National Academy," Affalter said. "But all the captains are extremely bright and extremely talented, and I don’t think the community has to worry about a smooth transition to whoever becomes the next chief.”

Khatib declined to address the speculation Tuesday, saying future decisions are in the hands of Corliss and commissioners.

“The public shouldn’t worry,” Khatib said, “because the chief really has a capable staff and officers who are going to be able to continue doing really good work and see us through whatever transition there is.”

Olin timeline

Some of the notable incidents from Lawrence Police Chief Ron Olin's career.

1971: Joins the police force.

Jan. 1980: Becomes assistant chief of police.

Dec. 1987: Becomes chief of police.

April 1991: Gregory Sevier is killed by police after his mother called 911 to report her son had locked himself in his bedroom and had a knife. Some members of the Lawrence's American Indian community are angered by the incident. The city reaches an out-of-court settlement in a wrongful death suit filed by the family in 1995.

Jan. 1999: Crowded quarters at the Douglas County Judicial & Law Enforcement Center leads to a request for space.

Oct. 2001: Olin's experience in studying terrorism as a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police comes to the forefront following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Feb. 2003: Olin fires Officer Stuart "Mike" Peck, who was accused of giving a judge misleading information and withholding information while obtaining a search warrant. Peck appeals the dismissal but it is upheld. More than 2 dozen of Peck's cases against drug dealers are later dismissed.

July 2003: Lawrence police, including Olin, clash with protesters outside a dinner honoring Rudolph Giuliani during the week of events surrounding the dedication of the Dole Institute of Politics.

Aug. 2003: 56-year-old Judith Vellucci is killed by a fleeing driver in a high-speed chase, raising questions about Lawrence Police pursuit policies.

Nov. 2003: Journal-World crime reporter Eric Weslander profiles Olin after 16 years on the job.

April 2004: Lawrence Police work to become more responsive on noise complaints, public safety.

Sept. 2006: Marsha Mace is shot by police after a four-hour standoff. The detective who fired the shot is cleared of any wrongdoing, and the district attorney says papers found in the Lawrence woman's home indicate she intended to provoke the police into action.

May 2009: Olin's position on the InterAgency Board benefits the Lawrence Police Department.

July 2010: Audit of police force to be completed in October.

Journal-World reporters George Diepenbrock and Mark Fagan contributed to this story.


Keith 7 years ago

When's that audit due to be completed?

TheOriginalCA 7 years ago

When I was in 7th Grade at West Jr HIgh back in 1976, Ron Olin came and did an extensive unit on Law Enforcement. He was funny, well educated, friendly, and thorough about teaching the subject matter. I had an episode where someone drove past me and pointed a gun at me back in 2003. When I had left numerous voice mails with the officer, whom I filed the report with, for an update and had not received a response, I emailed Ron Olin. I had a phone call from that officer 20 minutes later.

he_who_knows_all 7 years ago

Thanks for all of your hard work and good luck in your retirement Chief Olin.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Well they weren't exactly truthful. Greg's Mother called for help and they killed her son. Let's not forget Marsha Mace either, Her family called for help and they killed her.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Hey I'm on your side on this one.n I still have my T shirt too and if I know I'm going to be around the station I wear it just to say " this is not forgotten"

doc1 7 years ago

When you charge at Police with a knife like your going to stab them what do you expect?

yankeevet 7 years ago

moral of the story; dont bring a knife too a gun fight.........

Bassetlover 7 years ago

Here's to a job well done, Chief! Thanks for your leadership in keeping our community safe over the years.

bromidrosis---holding a grudge like that for so long has hurt only you, not him.

Steve Jacob 7 years ago

Can't be a police chief for 23 years without making enemies. It is odd about the short time until he retires and the audit coming up.

somebodynew 7 years ago

While I never did agree with him on everything (who does??), Congrats to a good man who did a demanding job for a long time. I wish the best for him.

Kent Fisher 7 years ago

Where's freashpowder? Wait for it.....10, 9, 8, 7....

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Well, viewers all over Lawrence are hoping you'll finally stop complaining now that Olin is leaving. For the love of all things sacred, you can stop beating the dead horse...

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Yet you've still failed to provide tangible supporting evidence to agree with your claims. I'm all for holding the police accountable for their actions, but as it's been pointed out before, you make all these claims, but back them with zero credentials. You're a sad, old, and bitter old woman, Smitty. It's a shame you'll spend what few years you have left clutching such hostile feelings close to your heart. I pity you, really.

skinny 7 years ago

Congratulations Chief Olin for a job well done. Those shoes will be hard to fill. I want to thank you for your years of service and I wish you the best in your retirement.

imisspattersonliquor 7 years ago

Ron is one of the finest men I have ever known. He has always performed honorably for the City of Lawrence.

like_n_Lawrence 7 years ago

Thank you for your years of service, Chief Olin! You compiled, and manage, a top-notch police force. There is not a department like yours in the whole Midwest. I hope the city brainiacs are smart in their replacement efforts. I heard Captain Tarik Khatib would be phenomenal. Relax in retirement Chief Olin. You deserve it!

QuietProfessional 7 years ago

I keep hearing of Chief Olin's professionalism, the 'team" he built around himself, and, of course, his education. What I had hoped for, like many others, was "professionalism" when I began as a Police Officer with the LPD. What I experienced was, about 90% of the time, quite the opposite. I observed a Chief surround himself with "Yes" men, of all ranks, and then afford them the protection of his office when they violated K.S.A.'s, Departmental Rules and Regs, etc. My personal favorite example of "Corruption in the Ranks" regards former Lt. Harmon. Lt. Harmon used his access to pilfer investigative information from the the Detective Bureau to aid in his daughter's Federal drug trial defense. When Lt. Harmon was later caught having perjured himself, under oath, in Federal Court, what disciplinary action was taken...............nothing. Maybe a sternly worded comment, but, no criminal charges and..............retirement with full benefits. Much has been said of W. Ron Olin's contributions to LPD's progress, his educational background, expertise in terrorism and plethora of job offers. As I have had the good fortune to lead, and to be trained, by arguably some of the finest Spec Op soldiers from this nation and others, I would be interested in learning how one becomes an "expert" in terrorism without time on the ground. I have spent my share of time on combat deployments with USASOC hunting "bad guys" , and I would NEVER term myself an expert. It must be an Ego thing. All this being said, I learned many lessons in leadership I swore I would never emulate. But, I also had some VERY competent Supervisors/Patrolmen who led properly, set professional examples and were always firm, fair and consistent. These individuals, R. Urbanek, E. Brunt, W. Brown, G. Wheeler, T. Polson, M. Shanks, S. Coon were just a few who I owe for the part they played in the profession of my later life.

irvan moore 7 years ago

Chief is ok, will be hard to replace. how come Corliss gets to pick replacement, don't we have a deputy chief or another member of the police department who is next in line and qualified to step in on a temporary basis?

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

I am surprised the Chief is resigning before the Yellow house case has even gone to trial ........

monkeywrench1969 7 years ago


You should have them quit goofing around and ...I will quote smitty (I'm choking back vomit)..."Let the facts stand for themselves."

Thinking_Out_Loud 7 years ago

Corliss gets to choose the replacement because he is the CEO of the City of Lawrence. Being the boss means he gets to choose.

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

So everything you've ever known about lawrence cops is based on LJWorld articles? Are you serious? Yeah, because the media reports the complete story with 100% of the facts...ALL THE TIME. Wow, what a joke...

monkeywrench1969 7 years ago

Hurry Smitty get all the conspiracy theories out now...its your last chance. You are going to have to find someone new to Stalk.

stopit 7 years ago

Chief thank you for your years of service. Captain Mike Patrick would be a great replacement. He is a wonderful person.

NotASquishHead 7 years ago

You guys apparently don't know "Mike Patrick" too well.... it is Captain Mike Pattrick.... Two t's.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

So? Burkett has 2 "Ts" I like him also.

gusrosco2006 7 years ago

I pray Corliss looks outside this department for a new leader. It is an absolute necessity to improve morale and, hopefully, fix all that is wrong within the PD.

irussell 7 years ago

Best of luck Ron! You will be greatly missed!

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

Wait wait Ron you cant leave before the Yellow house case goes to trial, remember "The Largest Fencing operation in Kansas" the LPD claimed 5 years ago........ Or at least wait until the Audit is finished.........

kansasredlegs 7 years ago

Can't disagree that Chief Olin did a good job in bringing the Lawrence Police Department to a higher standard. Lawrence probably has one the highest percentage of college graduates on a police department in the State, if not the entire midwest. However, I will have to disagree with management style which inhibited transparency in his Department. Police Officers are human, just like the people against whom they enforce the law. Chief Olin's coverup of his officers' crimes was/is inexcusable. Many of the drunk driving non-arrests, domestic batteries, etc. resulted in the incidents being hidden behind so-called "Personnel Matters" thus not subject to public disclosure. The offending officer(s) simply received days off without pay.

Former mayors, commissioners and both City Administrators Wildgen and Corliss are also complicit since they knew/know what was going on. Shame on the entire chain of command for not having the intergrity to show that Lawernce Police Officers are human and can make mistakes. Such inaction and lack of character bred the contemptous police mentality of "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Unfortunately, unless caught on tape and no room to wiggle free, the laws do not equally apply to citizen-cops like it does to just regular-citizens.

Hopefully, the City Commission will demand an outsider to replace Chief Olin. However, if an insider, bring Ed Brunt back or select Mike Patrick. Both of these guys would be great choices as their integrity and character are beyond reproach.

stopit 7 years ago

I second the hiring of Captain Mike Pattrick.

amesn 7 years ago

Ron is a stand up guy...regardless of what others say he will be missed greatly by the dept. He had a position in which you are greatly hated or overall well liked and respected with the exception of a few. Just like high school principals, congressman, the president, etc etc this is a position in which you will NEVER please everyone but I feel Ron did a darn good job overall! No matter what the haters like smitty, lawrenceguy, etc. will always be there to point out the faults and alleged corruption. As I said, a position such as chief of police will never be enemy free! Smitty is already working on his thoughts of conspiracy and corruption for the next person in line for the job :)

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

"Her". Smitty is an bitter old woman...

puddleglum 7 years ago

they were defending themselves...wasn't it borden?

BlackVelvet 7 years ago

Wow, this must be like Christmas morning for Smitty!

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

bromidrosis, like a few others on here have a "reading comprehension" problem - they'll never get it.

Besides, I'm sure some of those who suffer like bromidrosis will claim that the transcript has been doctored. Can't trust Big Brother. He's everywhere...

rukidingme 7 years ago

i lived in Lawrence when the two cops shot the guy, it was either shoot him or be killed by him. Maybe you should attend some law enforcement classes. The job isn't as easy as you think. I never had the chance to work for Mr. Olin, wished I did he is a great guy and leader. Lawrence was lucky to have him.

kansasredlegs 7 years ago

Your name is certainly appropriate considering your comment as it regards the latter part of your comment, but as for the former, you are correct, it was suicide by cop. However, the job is easy, but working weekends and holidays certainly sucks. Olin a leader? No. Definitely not one that a subordinate would walk through glass barefoot for.

pace 7 years ago

That sounds incorrect. I do believe you lived in Lawrence, but the statement is inaccurate if you are referencing the Sevier case.
I believe Olin to be honest, I never felt like he wasn't doing his job. While that sounds mild to some, it is no small thing to show up. I do hope the time has come for the police department to become less insulated from the community.

Paula Kissinger 7 years ago

If you are an LEO anywhere you are going to be disliked by the dirtbags/naysayers/anti-socials/dopers/drunks/crackheads/miscreants and IQ deficit individuals who have, by their actions, not had a positive encounter with the police.

Ron may be or may not be a lot of things but he is a true professional and has given decades of decent service to the LPD. No one is going to make a right decision or a popular one in every instance. People make mistakes...I guarantee that every one of you who has said something nasty about the Chief has made some as well. I wish him the very best in his future and hope he enjoys his retirement.

Clark Coan 7 years ago

Good. He routinely violated the civil liberties of protesters. He claimed he was an expert on "counterterrorism" and spied on law-abiding protesters as well.

kernal 7 years ago

Having lived in several other cities and states, this town has had the most above board police department I've seen. Not all of the officers were perfect, but neither are the rest of us.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years ago

I have read these comments and it seems like Ron Olin is regarded by whoever you ask about him. I am have been less than pleased, as I have previously mentioned. I do not fault the LPD as a whole, I have had to call them several times and they have always given me good service and respect. I regard our police department as qualified as any.

BUT.....I filed a complaint against two officers and provided proof positive of the misconduct of both officers. I waited a month for response. I received a letter telling me my "concerns were unfounded" I had provided documented evidence in the form of LPD police reports and other documentation, and yet, "my concerns were unfounded" I contacted all 5 city commissioners with the information I had documented evidence of misconduct and violations of the law by two Lawrence Police officers and was ignored.

I have commented on the Lawrence city commission before, they are simply imcompetant to manage much of anything.

That is my take. I hope Chief Olin can sleep at night knowing he has covered up violations of trhe law by his officers.

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

Frwent: This is the same Problem Yh owners have had There were numerous complaints filed and the City did nothing. Here are the responses (Yes they were dated back in 2005 its 2010 and there is still no trial.

charges were dismissed years ago but in an attempt to cover up a gigantic screw-up the lpd had to bring back charges against the yellow house house owners.

so am I surprised that other members of the community are having similar problems...... Nope. Are we going to see a citizens review board soon..... for the sake of the Lawrence people I hope so.

gl0ckUser 7 years ago

Sorry but your mom and pop have their day in court now................... HAHAHAhahHAHAhaHAHAhaHAHAHA

was_freash I got this one........ Please inform us as to what date that is because their trail date has been Changed over 20 times in the last 5 years and this was after the charges were originally dropped back in 2007 for lack of evidence from the FBI, IRS and postal inspector that a crime even took place. It would seem that the prosecutors do not want to go to trial as all of the testimony from the witnesses (3 to 4 time convicted felons) didnt really pan out especially after the prosecutor made a deal with them taking years off of their sentence for crimes they committed years earlier.

Check it see attached Document for more informationz:

One guy(witness) was popped for selling fully Automatic (illegal) AK-47's to an under cover Lawrence police officer he was a 5 time convicted Felon. He should have done a mandatory 5 years on a weapons charge, but after a little deal to give false testimony he was released and charged with conspiracy to assist the Yh......

JimmyJoeBob 7 years ago

You really need to be honest about all these delay's Alexander. You know full well that the major reason for them are from the defense side

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

you should just google the yellow house case or Marietta Parker or Carrie neighbors.

there is 5 years worth of stuff too much to put on here but I will get you started with a link. Enjoy !

6th Amendment Right to a speedy trial.(prosecution has 180 days to take you to trial) Its been 5 years. I am sure that's past the 180 days. Unless your math can prove me wrong ?

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

I love how your answers to corruption allegations are (You can move to Canada). So instead of solving serious problems plaguing the citizens of Lawrence you suggest The citizens experiencing police corruption should just quote (Move to Canada) end quote Spoken like a true Lawrence city Leader !

pace 7 years ago

LOL , move to Canada rather than clean up problems in your own town. What a toad idea. :

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

implement? hey you guys ate tools.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Taking care of thier own isn't just on the chief others aid in it.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Everybody cleans thier own house as they see fit. When the kids misbehave it is common for the parent to try to protect them. I'm not saying you are wrong here, just that this is not real surprising.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Smitty I have read your demands for him to go for as long as I can remember. Now he is leaving and you are upset about that. Make up your mind do you want him to go or stay?

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

No I think if they find definitive inproprioty they can yank it for cause. But you know smitty sometimes leaving a person to live with what they have done is the real punishment.

greenworld 7 years ago

Why dont you ask Guy and Carrie how they feel about Chief Olin and the LPD and see what they say?? OMG ....Yellowhouse is stay up and operating currently as of todays date...I smell a rat or something

amesn 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Yeah that was messed up for sure.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Please,people, If you think Ron Olin was bad then you just wait till Book em Dano Ward gets in there. Yeah Dan, just between you & me I know you can be a pretty big jerk.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

It's ok though cause Laura Routh is going to fix it all for us.

BruceWayne 7 years ago

see you all have let this become about YellowBelly House...suckers!

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

There's a name I haven't heard in awhile. The name Wheeler.& coverup,hand in hand. Especially if your daddy has that name when you are pullin teeth.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Really though if you people think Lawrence is filled with corruption then you should spend some time in larger cities across the country. Corruption is everywhere; at least in Lawrence you know the name with the face. The bad apples blend more in the bigger cities.

Hudson Luce 7 years ago

Well then if you "know the name with the face", then it's time for the District Attorney or the Attorney General to step up and do something about it. Corruption behind closed doors is bad enough, but when it's brazen and out in the open, as artichokeheart suggests, then it's a really pernicious thing and needs to be dealt with and sharply curtailed. Perhaps this is a reason that businesses avoid Lawrence, choosing Kansas City or Johnson County instead; it also may be the reason that the people in East Lawrence and other economically disadvantaged areas don't bother to vote.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

Areyou kidding the D.A. and Attorney General are in the good ole boy system here.

fu7il3 7 years ago

I'm curious why the timeline only contains negative incidents regarding the police. There were a lot of crimes solved and criminals captured during Olin's time as chief.

anitliars 7 years ago

I have nothing but high praise for the chief. No one is perfect, and no organization gets it right 100% of the time. For those who think their "rights" have been violated, there are available means of recourse (many law suits have been filed - and won - alleging police misconduct etc.). Chief Olin has done a stellar job, in my opinion, and will be a very hard act to follow.

gusrosco2006 7 years ago

I am still hoping the selection for Chief is made outside the department. There is not one Captain there who would make the "oh so needed" changes to make that department operate efficiently. It would remain status-quo and that is not a good thing.

rhd99 7 years ago

Thank you, Chief Olin for your service. Congratulations on your retirement.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Like Nixon, he runs for the hills while investigations should be pending.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

I know better than to ask around this town what a police officer's wife and a housing authority staff member were doing handing out credit cards that were not applied for, yet the ensuing fraud goes on.

Amy Heeter 7 years ago

This piques my interest. Dare I go there? Yes I dare!

IndusRiver 7 years ago

And most of all, the city commission that knowingly allows for corrupt actions from our public servants.

Yes, indeed! Thank you, Smitty.

Henceforth, Mr. Corliss wrote in his pathetic excuse/answer to my April 2010 complaint that since a nameless higher-up with the LDCHA is not an employee of the City, the City cannot take any action.

More recently, because this higher-up works for a government agency (the LDCHA), he can't be sued in Small Claims, either.

So, working for the housing authority is a dream! No accountability within their infinite radius.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

But the City enjoys the millions in HUD dollars the LDCHA pipes into 'em.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

It was Officers Ted Bordman and James Phillips

I remember this from the news releases at the time. Hadn't yet moved to Lawrence.

Armed-to-the-teeth cops should just stay home, safe from "crime areas."

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Two things that I think can go a long, long way towards making Lawrence a better place.

  1. Let's stop with these entrenched politicians, these people who never leave. Dennis Moore has had 6 terms here. Barbara Huppee has been the LDCHA's Director for over 20 years, and Charlotte Knoche and Lori Tarwater have been "stuck" her for about as long. Corliss has been entrenched for 20-odd years. Olin's leaving after more than 20 other words, for the love of Pete, people, move on.

  2. On the housing authority's website,, I would love to see them add a Q & A section to it.

brujablanco 7 years ago


"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore." Yogi Berra

blindrabbit 7 years ago

Replacement: Hopefully, someone with a personality that can relate to the public. He seemed to be too focused on terrorism issues and less on community wide concerns.

Clark Coan 7 years ago

I filed a complaint of police brutality against an officer. He was kicking a Native American man who had been thrown to the pavement and handcuffed. Internal Affairs claimed I made it up because it hadn't been entered into the computer.

I also witnessed police officers led personally by Olin throw protesters to the ground and handcuff them. They were peacefully protesting and not resisting arrest.

kisha 7 years ago

WooHoo!!! Goodbye and good riddance to the vegan-hater! Perhaps now we can get someone in there who doesn't think that "vegans are left wing terrorists".

oldwestoldfart 7 years ago

Why would anyone say: "imisspattersonliquor"?

IndusRiver 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

I know better than to ask around this town what a police officer's wife and a housing authority staff member were doing handing out credit cards that were not applied for, yet the ensuing fraud goes on.

On this post the "cop's wife" is an outstanding member of this community, and one for whom I hold no ill will toward. What happened probably should not have happened, but at the time, she had reason to perhaps "take that chance on me" because it was well known that I worked very hard then and paid my bills on time. That would not be her fault. I have absolutely no desire to pursue her under any laws of this state, and have never sought prosecution, nor will I ever seek it. I wish no harm to her. I would like the bill to go away, that's all, nothing ever more. If it doesn't then at some point (or when things get better), I'll have to pay it.

For myself, I want the record clean.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

On we go....

Forgot the good ol' boy DA, Choke. We're on our own. But if there's one out there.....

Investigate the "tactics" the Director of Program & Property Management at the housing authority uses to scam HA tenants. Let it also be said that scamming does very little to "provide affordable housing" to the low-income.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Investigate who at the Resident Services Office of the housing authority uses a tenant's private information to create a false e-mail account without that tenant's knowledge or permission.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Investigate the connection between the Resident Services Office of the housing authority to Central National Bank. Ascertain why the Resident Services Office does free advertising for CNB, but for no other Lawrence bank.

Then, investigate the tactics Central National Bank uses to commit fraud/theft of a tenant's account there. And there is and has been more than one.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

I know better than to ask around this town what a police officer's wife and a housing authority staff member were doing handing out credit cards that were not applied for, yet the ensuing fraud goes on.

The other individual in this post should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

IndusRiver 7 years ago


It doesn't detract anything from anyone by making them more well-known.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Maybe if we put Cheeseburger and ljwanonymous together we'll get a whole brain.


IndusRiver 7 years ago

Cheeseburger and ljwanonymous

btw, you guys aren't, by chance, feeling like real dumb* right now, are ya?

IndusRiver 7 years ago

I for one am not a right wing, cop hating nutcase

Neither am I.

"Proof" is only valid in a hard copy format since the method by which fraud is committed is through the manipulation of computer data. What, if not everything, is done online these days?

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Smitty is beyond salvation.

When some of you go off the deep end like this, with your libel, I wonder what/who you're trying to protect.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Then, investigate the tactics Central National Bank uses to commit fraud/theft of a tenant's account there. And there is and has been more than one.

By the way, since this past Saturday, Central National Bank has decided to issue my bank statement to me from an account I opened way back on July 2, 2010. Long time to wait for your monthly bank statement, don't you think? They mailed it Saturday.

Should be interesting when I compare the hard copy statement with the online print-out I have.

IndusRiver 7 years ago

Always Remember: In the Kingdom of the Blind, the man with one eye is King.

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