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AG Six says budget cuts threaten public safety with sex offenders

April 15, 2010


— Attorney General Steve Six on Thursday said recent budget cuts “will increase the likelihood of sexually violent predators re-entering society.”

Six called on the Legislature to appropriate $270,000 to restore a contract for forensic psychologists who evaluate inmates to determine if they should be considered for parole or continue to be confined under the state’s sexually violent predator program.

“If these psychologists are not available to perform risk assessments of these violent offenders, then neither our office, nor the Parole Board will have the most recent information as to whether we should be pursuing commitment,” Six said in a letter.

Six said the contract between the state and Correct Care Solutions, which provides the evaluation services, expired April 1.

Legislators return April 28 to start the wrap-up session and write a budget for the next fiscal year. Over the past year, the state, mired in recession, has cut $1 billion from what was once a $6.4 billion budget. Still, estimates indicate the state faces another $400 million revenue shortfall.

Six said cuts to public safety have gone too far. “Public safety is not a political bargaining chip,” he said.


yankeevet 8 years ago

This is bull.........sexual predators.......who cares; this is such a bull............hang them ; and hang them high...........just another excuse for a stupid job....

chasmo 8 years ago

Get a gun. Keep it under your jacket when you are awake and under your pillow when you sleep. Any bs. point and click.

Kat Christian 8 years ago

So much buearocratic (sp?) nonsense. If they really wanted to they'd find the money to fix this. Or reevaluate how they handle sex offenders. Our judical system is so need of repair it isn't funny, but not until so many innocent people are harm will lawmakers open their eyes and minds to this situation and make the changes. The law is too lenient on these offenders to begin with. Oh well that's all I have to say about this...

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