Letters to the Editor

Sad situation

April 3, 2010


To the editor:

How sad. Not only did Douglas Fleming (“Suspect in slaying expected in court,” Journal-World, April 2) lend a hand to help and hire a homeless person, but he may have been able to save his own life if only he had had health insurance. How very sad.


Benjamin Roberts 4 years ago

This Letter to the Editor is dark satire, right?

From the March 31, 2010 news story: "Fleming had been injured in a fight on Sunday, police said, but refused medical treatment for his injuries."

Douglas Fleming was not refused medical care; he refused medical care - big difference.

How sad that the LTE writer does not acknowledge this difference. How sad that Ann Carlin Ozegovic exploited this needless death to promote her own agenda. How very sad.


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