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KU management review expected to be made public next week

September 9, 2009


— A much-anticipated management review of Kansas University likely will be released next week, a Kansas Board of Regents official said Wednesday.

The regents agenda for next Thursday Sept. 17 includes a closed-session item for “update on University of Kansas and Pittsburg State management reviews.”

Kip Peterson, a spokesman for the regents, said, “The expectation is that the Pittsburg State University and Kansas University audits will be released next Thursday.”

The same type of review of Kansas State University, which was released in June, raised numerous questions about how employees in the athletic department were paid and detailed conflicts of interest in the operation of a business incubator.

The regents had commissioned the reviews at KSU, KU and PSU because their chief executive officers were retiring.

But the findings of the KSU review, which was the first one completed, prompted Gov. Mark Parkinson to write the regents, calling for a broader policy of audits of regents institutions to maintain the public’s trust.

The regents complied, saying they will institute a more regular schedule of outside reviews.

The regents released the KSU audit only after a newspaper filed an Open Records complaint with Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six. The regents then decided that subsequent reviews would be made public, too.


Boeing 8 years, 2 months ago

I can give you one obvious result of any audit of KU - there are too many darn employees doing too few jobs! I think half of the administrative associate jobs can become student assistant jobs with barely a notice, based on my numerous, numerous experiences of working with KU over the years.

And yes, my fiance is an employee at KU. And of course, I think she is one of the hard workers ;)

slowplay 8 years, 2 months ago

You're an expert on KU management policies because your finance works at KU? Did you also sleep at a Holiday Inn?. And what exactly is an "administrative associate"? Since it is so obvious, give us some specific examples instead of an ignorant blanket statement.

lily 8 years, 2 months ago

An administrative associate is a worker bee. Fancy name for someone who does the bulk of the daily routine. They did away with the equivalent of that position in many departments several years ago and departments suffered. They are the ones who answer the phones, take care of the daily tasks to make sure things get done. Are you going to see an "administrator" do those things? Student workers are being cut because of budgets unless they are work study. If you looked at many places you would see fewer staff people and a lot of management and administrators. I think it's really a case of fewer people doing more. In some areas that may be a good thing but not across the board

yourworstnightmare 8 years, 2 months ago

The "worker bees" aren't the problem at KU.

KU has a bloated upper administrator class, with too many deans and provosts doing too little with large salaries. These administrators do little work of the university, as many do not teach or do research.

Instead, they sit around in meetings with one another telling each other what they want to hear.

If administrators were held accountable for their performance, they would also hold people under them accountable, improving the performance of everyone at KU.

Instead, an administrator job is a job for life with no accountability, and therefore they expect very little of their employees.

The same is true with tenured faculty, who should also be subject to a rigorous review of the accomplishments and dismissed if they show a consistent pattern of "dead wood".

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