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Kansans in U.S. House cool to health plan

Republicans outright critical; Democrat Dennis Moore reserves judgment

October 30, 2009


Kansas Republicans in the U.S. House on Thursday blasted health care reform legislation that the Democratic leadership unveiled.

“After weeks of meetings behind closed doors, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats emerged from their one-sided meetings today to unveil their nearly 2,000-page plan for a government takeover of health care,” said Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a Topeka Republican who represents western Lawrence.

The state’s lone Democrat in Congress, Rep. Dennis Moore, of Lenexa, whose district includes eastern Lawrence, said he and his staff needed to look into the complex bill.

“I have to start reviewing and come up with my decision and how I want to vote on this,” Moore said in a telephone interview.

During a Thursday morning ceremony in Washington, Pelosi touted the measure, H.R. 3962, saying it “covers 96 percent of all Americans, and it puts affordable coverage in reach of millions of uninsured and underinsured families.”

But Republicans on Capitol Hill decried that the bill used the word “shall” 3,425 times and claimed Pelosi shut Republicans out of the process.

“Instead of a fresh proposal, we got an additional 1,000 pages of government intrusion,” said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard.

The bill includes a version backed by moderates of a public health insurance option that allows doctors, hospitals and providers to negotiate rates with the government under the option.

Moore has said previously he would support a public option under the right circumstances, as a way to create competition.

The full House is expected to vote on the bill next week, and with an overwhelming Democratic majority in the House, the GOP would need to convince at least 39 Democrats not to support it.

Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Hays, said although the health care system needs reform, the bill was not a good starting point.

“This bill seeks to expand insurance coverage by levying taxes on businesses, cutting Medicare benefits, eliminating jobs with an employer mandate, and enabling bureaucrats to define what forms of health coverage are acceptable for Americans,” Moran said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years, 7 months ago

“After weeks of meetings behind closed doors, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats emerged from their one-sided meetings today to unveil their nearly 2,000-page plan for a government takeover of health care,” said Rep. Lynn Jenkins-------------------------------------------------

The bill that eventually gets passed will unfortunately be written to primarily protect the profits of corporate healthcare providers, Big Pharma and the insurance companies, with improvement of healthcare delivery as an afterthought. But does anyone think that Lynn Jenkins would have it any other way?

Orwell 8 years, 7 months ago

After Jenkins cast one of her first votes against children's health care coverage we should hardly be surprised by this latest knee-jerk "takeover" lie.

Also, someone should explain to Moran the difference between cutting Medicare costs and cutting Medicare benefits. This plan leaves benefits intact, and instead reduces windfall payments (of OUR money) to private insurers. And I'd rather have someone answerable to the public deciding what services we the public will pay for, when the alternative is to leave that decision to entities (for-profit service providers and insurers) who have financial self-interests in the decision.

No point worrying about Tiahrt's comments – he can't see past his extreme ideology to address the real merits of the debate. If it can't fit on a bumper sticker, he doesn't want to know about it.

By contrast, it appears Moore wants to know what he's talking about before he decides what he'll do. What a concept!

Shane Garrett 8 years, 7 months ago

"....and it puts affordable coverage in reach of millions of uninsured and underinsured families.” -------------------------- I am sure it puts affordable coverage just within reach of their finger tips.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 7 months ago

All legislators protecting the most expensive medical insurance in the world are INCREASING YOUR COST of living.

Changing nothing definitely increases the cost of the most expensive medical insurance on the planet as usual. $18,310 for 2010 is an increase of 25% over 2009 costs.

How will HR 676 and ONLY HR 676 reduce the cost of medical insurance by billions?

• Eliminates high dollar medical insurance spending on what 2,000 health insurers add to the actual cost .

Plus HR 676 eliminates: • its bureaucracy which increases YOUR cost • eliminates profits that increase YOUR cost • Eliminates high corporate salaries that increase YOUR cost • Eliminates advertising that increases YOUR cost * Eliminates over charges that increase YOUR cost • Eliminates sales commissions that increase YOUR cost • Eliminates Shareholders which are the primary clients of for-profit insurance companies that which increase YOUR cost • Eliminates Special interest campaign dollars that increase YOUR cost • Eliminates Golden parachutes that increase YOUR cost

Go To:

BigDog 8 years, 7 months ago

whatthehell .... are you talking about?

Reagan privatizing health care???? ..... health care has been privatized for many years, it wasn't just privatized in the 80's.

By the way Republicans have had health care ideas and proposals ..... they have not been allowed to inroduce them. The House bill was written totally by House Democratic leadership and the White House behind closed doors. Republicans have not been invited to even be a part of the meetings. Since it was done behind closed doors not even Democrats know what is in the bill for sure.

BigDog 8 years, 7 months ago

And by the way, recent Republican ideas have shown no inclination to do anything meaningful except to protect the bottom lines of major medical. They do not do a credible job of addressing the major issues.

What might these ideas be that you are speaking of that you say are just protecting the bottom line? Anyone can throw out the claims ..... now back it up

Flap Doodle 8 years, 7 months ago

The Democrats are hearing the Ghost of Mid-term Elections Yet to Come rattling his chains.

JHOK32 8 years, 7 months ago

Republicans don't want healthcare for millions of our fellow Americans in need. Millions of people have lost their jobs in the greatest recession since the depression, and lost their health insurance benefits along with their lost income............and Republicans do not want to support it? Why don't we taxpayers, as their employers, take away their incomes and take away their healthcare benefits and then let's see what they have to say about it then! Of course if this was a bill that would give huge taxbreaks for Wall Street Millionaires they would support it 100%!

BigDog 8 years, 7 months ago

Interesting you talk about receipt of campaign from dollars for big insurance given the bank bailouts and many of those companies being the top contributors to the Obama campaign and Democratic campaigns.

His top donor group being lawyers ...... tort reform in health care???? Not a chance

gphawk89 8 years, 7 months ago

"I believe it was under Reagan that Health Care was privatized and costs across the board have sky-rocketed since. In all the coverage I have seen, this is never discussed. Wonder Why?"

Because it's not a cause-effect relationship.

I'm not all that old, but I sure don't remember government-sponsored healthcare working very well in the 60's and 70's. If fact, I don't remember government-sponsored healthcare at all...

Clark Coan 8 years, 7 months ago

Moore supports Public Option. He'll vote for some final bill.

Since the insurance companies will take their cut and are very inefficient (high administrative costs), It won't be as good as Medicare for All which would be a single payer system.

puddleglum 8 years, 7 months ago

where's the ghost of the great white hope at anyway? oh yeah, thanks for the laugh, snap... you keep grasping onto your charles is really working out well for you and the g.o.p.

the nobel 'dying party' prize might be wrapped up at this point.

tea baggers, birthers, sarah palins, death panels, astroturfers, childish congressmen, nobel-naysayers, great white hopes, opossum-eaters who are totally NOT racist....who/what is next?

I love it!

rbwaa 8 years, 7 months ago

@whatthehell i think you may be referencing health insurance companies becoming for-profit entities. blue cross-blue shield of kansas used to be non-profit years ago...

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