Soviets obsolete

To the editor:

Another Saturday, and another ridiculous editorial from Dolph Simons Jr.

Mr. Simons feels the need to do what even most elected Republican officials shied away from: using the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to level yet another attack against our president.

Among Mr. Simons’ many grievances, however, was included this howler: He criticizes President Obama for having “called for a change in the deployment of American missiles in Poland and other countries to defend against Soviet missile attacks.”

Somebody needs to remind Mr. Simons that it’s not 1964 any longer. Europe (and the world) no longer trembles at the thought of a Soviet attack. In fact, there have been no “Soviets” since 1991, which is nearly 20 years ago now.

I know that we must continue to put up with the newspaper of record for the most historically progressive community in Kansas not reflecting the political views of the majority of the residents (consistent endorsement of right-wing candidates in every election, syndicated national columns from the most fringe conservative columnists such as Cal Thomas, and, of course, Mr. Simons’ Saturday editorials), but one would hope that even in that environment, the paper would not give voice to such a laughably out-of-date and factually incorrect point of view.