Letters to the Editor

SLT problems

October 10, 2009


To the editor:

After reading the misleading information concerning the future of the South Lawrence Trafficway recently, I thought it would be nice to point out a couple of things.

First, the state of Kansas has no money for this project. They couldn’t even manage my late mother’s retirement funds, let alone fund a road of this magnitude in this economy. And yet they talk of looking for funds for the SLT in a tone that speaks of great frustration.

Second, they admit that it will take at least three years to come up with another plan for this road. How often do people hear officials making up things as they go to sell it to an uninformed public willing to eat it up?

Third, it will be another 18 to 24 months before the lawsuit against the SLT for cultural and environmental reasons sees the inside of a courtroom.

Last, I see the “new” wetlands on a weekly basis and I see the phone number to call about the wetlands on the sign. I have a question to ask as I see these “new” wetlands and I watch the Baker TV station in Baldwin City with all of the SLT propaganda. Where are the animals in these “new” wetlands?

I get it. The animals aren’t there because these wetlands aren’t working in comparison to the “real” wetlands. Yet millions of dollars have been earmarked for them by a Republican. Go figure.


Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

An obsolete pork barrel trafficway design is a gross waste of tax dollars.

Taxpayers should be demanding that traffic be diverted to I-70 that would make I-35,I-435 connections and points east/west. Let toll road fees maintain the roadways.

Truckers can easily make I-70 connections by way of I-35 which can be found in Emporia,Kansas, Ottawa,Kansas and Olathe,Kansas.

AND 23rd street will become an additional tax dollar liability to local taxpayers as the obsolete trafficway design becomes the official K-10 = increase in local tax dollar spending. I do not have anymore expendable cash set aside for irresponsible use of tax dollars.

Scott Drummond 8 years, 8 months ago

"Then why do you agitate for government heath care at every turn? Surely you aren't so naive as to think the government is wasting money yet can somehow be magically efficient in some other area?"

In my opinion, a road we do not need through an environmental oasis is a waste of money. And providing more access to those who do not enjoy regular health care is not a waste of money. Your world view and values must differ from mine.

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