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Kansas’ September revenues trail forecast

October 1, 2009


— Kansas’ tax collections were $67 million less than anticipated in September, leading to talk Wednesday of additional budget cuts.

The Department of Revenue released preliminary figures indicating that tax collections fell 12.5 percent below the state’s official forecast for the month. The department expected to collect $535 million and took in about $468 million.

Tax collections had kept pace with the forecast in July and August, the first two months of the state’s 2010 fiscal year. That had inspired hope that revenues were stabilizing and the state wouldn’t have to trim its spending again.

The state already has had four rounds of spending cuts and other budget adjustments to keep from running a deficit. Gov. Mark Parkinson and his fellow Democrats resisted some reductions sought by many Republicans, arguing the state should wait to see whether they were necessary.

“The prognosticators in government who argued that this day may not come now have to deal with the fact that it’s here,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Kevin Yoder, an Overland Park Republican.

Yoder said Parkinson should use his power as governor to make changes in the budget himself when legislators are not in session. Lawmakers adjourned in early June and don’t reconvene until January.

But Parkinson urged policymakers not to react hastily to the news.

Final revenue numbers, compiled by legislative researchers, won’t be released for several days.


Gadmi 8 years, 6 months ago

Idea!!! Might I suggest that the revenue projections be lower so we won't be disappointed when lower revenues come in? How is this calculated anyway?? I'm just saying.......

truman1902 8 years, 6 months ago

Dear Chairman Yoder.. Thanks for your well thought out suggestion to Gov. Parkinson to whack away funding for already strapped state agencies, so that the legislative body would dodge the "Scrooge" tag , thus transferring the wrath of state workers, who've endured no raises, underfunded KPERS contributions, and layoffs, threats of layoffs while expected to toil in the face of doubled workloads..

The Governor will NOT fall into your trap, however. While you and the Republican ilk salivate for the day in which Sen. Brownback takes the oath in Topeka, Mark Parkinson is gaining popularity among his party..Sam may have his work cut out for him..This is NOT a slam dunk..The party of NO may elevate the Democratic party enough to bar the governors' mansion from Sam's attempt to crash the capitol and replace state workers with higher paid private consultants, who will FLEECE the state budget even further..

Nice try, Chairman Yoder!!

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