‘Real’ trees

To the editor:

There are several groups in Lawrence that sell Christmas trees to make money for service programs in Lawrence. The workers are volunteers, and all of the profit stays in our community to help provide for many social programs.

The real trees sold in Lawrence are grown in the northern United States by farmers who rely on them for income. Christmas trees are grown for this purpose. If there is not sufficient demand, fewer trees are grown and the land will be used for other purposes. During their lives, these trees provide oxygen and beauty to our planet.

Fake trees will eventually be discarded, their plastics, metals and chemicals piled in landfills to leach toxins into the environment over decades. Real trees will naturally decompose and return their nutrients to the ecosystem.

The activity of choosing a tree, taking it home and nurturing, watering and decorating are wondrous slices of Americana. Buy a real tree. Do it for yourself, your community and your planet. It’s the green thing.