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Anger control

November 27, 2009


To the editor:

It was about 18 years ago when the Lord decided that it was time to begin dealing with my anger problem and He did this using my grandson, who was really good at tormenting his sister. I realized God’s intentions because I knew in my heart that such a problem existed, but I had done an almost perfect job of unconsciously avoiding the issue, which I could trace back to when I was a young teenager.

God’s love for me has been manifested in many ways, but this was one of the most uncomfortable and challenging for me. I knew exactly what God was starting to do. I didn’t deny my situation, but as usual, at first, I sought my own release with my own understanding. For example, I sought deliverance, which was my way of seeking a quick release from a complex problem. Then, I begin studying God’s word earnestly, which I knew held the truth to my bondage (John 8:31-32). Also, I sought Godly counsel and was as transparent as I knew how to be; yet, the freedom Christ promised (see Luke 4:18) was very slow in coming, too slow for me.

During this protracted period of seeking God, I could tell that the things that made me angry didn’t have the same control of me that they used too. I would like to say that I am completely free, but I can’t. However, I can testify that God has been faithful to begin a process which will lead to freedom from anger and everything else that holds me captive (see Philippians 1:6).


tomatogrower 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm happy that this letter writer has found a way to change himself. Wouldn't it be nice if other people who found spiritual happiness in other religions could write a public letter about it, without recriminations. I know people who follow Buddha, Wicca, Islam, who are fulfilled spiritually as well. And I think the LJW would publish those letters, but what sort of harassment do you think they would get at work and other places. At the school I worked in KC, there was an art teacher who mentioned that she was a Buddhist. From that point on she was subjected to the Christian's snubbing. She was no longer invited to any social events, even though these events were in bars, not churches. Most people who are not Christian, but have to work in public or with other people, just avoid talking about religion at all, because they know that they will receive the cold shoulder or worse.

Catalano 8 years, 7 months ago

Whoa, Carl. WAY too much information. Seriously.

labmonkey 8 years, 7 months ago

How did I know there would be people out complaining about this letter.

Beo, you weren't forced to read the letter. Just hit a link on the side or the go back button at top, and poof the letter is gone.

Edjayhawk, if someone wrote a letter praising how Islam helped them master anger, I have no doubt the LJworld would print it.

Pywacket, I am not going to make fun of you for being an atheist (and I know that some Christians get really preachy to atheists and agnostics which in reality turn people further away), but there is really no need to make fun of this LTE writer's beliefs. I am sure you would be defending the writer if you were to replace God with Allah and the Bible verses with passages from the Koran and people started to make fun of him. Although I question the beliefs of my upbringing (and there are major flaws with about every demonation I have been exposed to), I cannot deny that several close friends and relatives have had their lives turned around, or have at least made it through some very tough times when they've devoted theirselves to God.

It seems that anymore, everyone but Christians can have freedom of religion.

mr_right_wing 8 years, 7 months ago

Islam 'anger control' (in most instances) = kill, destroy and bomb.

staff04 8 years, 7 months ago

“People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.”--Dave Barry

mr_right_wing 8 years, 7 months ago

Gee, I apologize...I hadn't heard of any 'Christians' crashing planes into skyscrapers....or killing (unarmed) soldiers at an American military base. Have some Christians recently put a price on someones head for publishing something not flattering? (i.e. Salmon Rustie) I guess I'll also have to confess my ignorance, because I've never seen a video of masked Christians threatening to kill innocent hostages. Guess I need to do a better job of keeping up with current events!

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years, 7 months ago

( These comments just make me angry, yet my thoughts remain parenthetically restrained. )

Jason Bailey 8 years, 7 months ago

Marion: I am sorry for your loss but everyone has experienced deep-rooted pain (emotional and real) in their lives. This is not unique to you and is a condition of the sin being brought into this world.

Man rebelled millenia ago and has been rebelling ever since. That was not God's will for us but he has allowed us to have freewill. Due to the rebellion of mankind, genetic alterations have been introduced that would have otherwise not. Sin has caused the breakdown of DNA from generation to generation. It's well documented that drug-use as a young man can cause genetic issues in their reproductive system during meiosis of the sperm. I would have to write a book to attempt to explain all of the permutations of how mankind is the root of problems in this world.

It won't make you go "aha! I get it ! Thanks, Jason!" but that's the answer. It's not Satan, it's not God working in mysterious ways...it's mankind living in a perpetual state of continual rebellion over thousands of years. The net result is the transmission of genetic deformities, disease, and a gradual but plodding march towards entropy.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 7 months ago

Well, I think this is a very good letter and I can relate to it. This approach has worked for me as well as my daily journal Writing down my understand of the daily Bible verse and then tying it in to my life has been of enormous benefit to me. We Catholics are told to read three verses a day, Old Testament, New Testament and a Psalm and are encouraged to journal. Carl, thank you for sharing your story.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 7 months ago

Being Catholic gives me a bone deep contentment, and my baptism was a fulfilment of the audacity of hope. I do lean on God and accept His Will as everything I have and everything I am was granted me though His Grace.

tomatogrower 8 years, 6 months ago

labmonkey (Anonymous) says…

"It seems that anymore, everyone but Christians can have freedom of religion."

Right. Try proclaiming another religion or atheism in the work place. It will make your life very uncomfortable. Christians still have the upper hand in this country, and others have a hard time openly stating their believes, except for in anonymous forums like this.

bearded_gnome 8 years, 6 months ago

I have several comments:

Py, please refrain from such words as "groveling" or "security blanket deity." I too am a faithful Christian (I'll speak directly to Carl in a minute). For those of us who have it right, the faith we have is recognizing that we are in this world for a purpose, that there is someone greater than us mere mortals, and that how we live does matter. if you wish to be truly tolerant, respectful, then please avoid such references. you know from reading my posts that being a Christian doesn't mean being ignorant or uneducated. My faith is not groveling, and "security blanket" is just plain wrong.

Carl, your letter highlights where many modern Christians go astray, especially among charismatics like you. While God created us to populate His earth and have fellowship with us, worship is not about good feelings, and God's work should never be viewed in such egocentric terms. It is presumptuous to assume we know the mind of God, especially when God Himself tells us we can't know it. Too many,especially charismatics, often view things in their lives as if God has them at work in some kind of primate lab, putting us through various experiences to shape us. while some of this happens, according to Scripture, God works far beyond that!

More fact, less of the charismatic feelings for you.

deaths and destruction from Christianity? compare this list of atheistic death and destruction from merely the 20th century: Stalin; Hitler; Cambutia; China's cultural revolution; etc. total deaths: dozens of millions upon dozens of millions of innocents dead.

Left_handed 8 years, 6 months ago


You are correct, despite what the atheist faithful who commented after you claim.

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