Offensive fee

To the editor:

My wife and I are senior citizens who moved to Lawrence five months ago and we really enjoy the community.

We attended the first game at Allen Fieldhouse between Fort Hays State and the Jayhawks and were highly surprised that we needed to pay $20 for a handicapped parking space. We have lived in Florida, California, Nevada and Kansas over the last 74 years and attended high school, college and professional sports events but have never paid for a handicapped parking space.

Many of the handicapped sports fans can’t afford the football and basketball tickets along with paying an additional $20 for parking. Also, many of these handicapped sports fans put their lives in jeopardy by fighting in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Does KU need this money to pay the high salaries of the coaches and administrators? KU received multimillions from grants, inheritances, endowments, sports ticket fees, student enrollment fees, etc. Does KU need the small amount of income from the handicapped parking? Other sports events in America don’t need it.

I do hope this letter will not “fall on deaf ears.” I feel there is an injustice on the part of the handicapped by KU and its administration. Let us see if KU has the initiative to perform an act of humanity. If KU deletes the parking cost for the handicapped, I do hope they don’t take away the handicapped spaces and convert them to public parking.