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State Democratic leaders say gambling laws need revision to speed development

May 13, 2009


— Democratic legislative leaders say the state’s gambling law needs to be reworked to speed development of state-owned casinos and slot machines at race tracks.

But they said Republican opposition, especially in the House, prevented any consideration of changing the law this year.

The 2007 law creates four state-owned casinos, but only one, in Dodge City, is being built. The other three operators withdrew their applications last year because of the economy.

Track owners want a larger percentage from the slots before agreeing to reopen the tracks.


Steve Jacob 8 years, 11 months ago

We are fighting about race tracks when Delaware takes the bold step of sports gambling, that's where the money's at. If you want to make Kansas a draw, allow sports betting at casinos. People will drive past those Missouri casinos to come here.

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