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Legislature ponders Medicaid oversight role

March 12, 2009


— A Kansas Senate committee wants to give the inspector general for the Medicaid program a new home to improve oversight of the program.

Committee members just can’t agree on where that home should be.

The inspector general’s office was created in 2007 to ferret out potential problems within the state’s health care programs, including Medicaid.

It’s been housed in the Kansas Health Policy Authority, which administers most of the $2.4 billion Medicaid program.

But some legislators question whether the office is independent enough. On Thursday, the committee tabled the bill after some members suggested the attorney general’s office would be a better home, while others thought the Department of Administration is a better fit.


nurse 9 years, 2 months ago

It doesn't matter where it is housed - it will still be messed up.... Most Medicaid employees sit in their cubicles and waste KS taxpayers money. It's called "job security" for them - it's called "waste" for those of us that do work hard every day. But our esteemed governor who has done such a bang-up job managing Medicaid will soon be in charge of health care for ALL Americans. Watch out.....

KS 9 years, 2 months ago

Just get it away from SRS, KHPA, KDOA, etc. DO NOT LET ANY OF THE INDEPENDENT LIVING CENTERS HAVE ANYTHNIG TO DO WITH IT. The ILC's are most of the problem.

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