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Kansas Senate resolves: No more “B” schools for KU basketball team in March

March 12, 2009


The Kansas Senate on Thursday adopted a resolution that says the Kansas University men’s basketball team should no longer play teams that start with the letter “B” in March.

Despite KU’s reigning national championship and history of basketball excellence, the killer B-team losses to Bucknell in 2005, Bradley in 2006 -- both in the NCAA Tournament — and Baylor earlier Thursday in the Big 12 Tournament produce too much “heartache” among Jayhawk fans, the resolution stated.

The resolution by state Sen. David Wysong, R-Mission Hills, an avid KU fan, was adopted on a voice vote just before the Senate adjourned for the day.


notajayhawk 9 years ago

They should have specified two-syllable B-teams. They're probably okay against Buffalo or Binghampton - Boston College could go either way.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

all in good fun so no one get their panties in a bunch

wysiwyg69 9 years ago

too late momma, the senate needs to worry about more important things, like maybe the state of the state.

Danimal 9 years ago

Talk about a waste of time, even if it only took 30 seconds it's inappropriate.

classclown 9 years ago

This just in... KU teams are no longer allowed to play any teams better than them.

rgh 9 years ago


My business has faced a cut and possibly more cuts, but come on people, this guy's just having a little fun. You have to be able and relax for a second just to keep your sanity.

Even legislators are under the gun so a little fun with a silly resolution is no harm.

MUfan 9 years ago

This is absolutely classic - - should the wonderful state of Kansas choose to use it's "power" to uphold this resolution, the Jayhawks would simply forfeit any game in which they draw a "B-Team" ..... resulting in a loss. This ensures that they will never again beat a "B-Team" in March.

Adam Franz 9 years ago

First, a resolution by the Senate is non-binding. Therefore it has no "teeth." Second, while it is a waste of time for the Kansas Senate to consider such a resolution, I seem to remember the Missouri legisature declaring the Jayhawk as the official game bird of the state. Not only was it a waste of time, but that law is actually on the books. I'm not sure you can hunt a mythical bird.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

So it's official: our leaders are idiots. Thanks for having so much fun while KU (the academic institution, the part that matters, not the basketball team) swirls down the drain.

Ha freakin' Ha.

MUfan 9 years ago

Very valid point, Mapboy - I was just kidding around...They are like "honorary mayor" or "key to the city" type declarations for PR - plus, KU doesn't need a resolution to lose to the B-schools, it just seems to keep happening. All in good fun...all in good fun.

Omegatron 9 years ago

Just when you thought you've seen it all....

Tammy Copp-Barta 9 years ago

Glad to know our tax dollars are being spent so wisely during economic times such as these.

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

Good to see most posters here don't have a sense of humor.

LloydDobbler 9 years ago

Weatherman and Momma - Don't tell us about our "lack of a sense of humor" when we're in the worst condition in decades and these morons are spending time on this kind of garbage. Your beloved KU (the actual physical structure) is crumbling due to years of state fiscal neglect and you are willing to forgive this mindnumbingly useless waste of time at tax payer expense? We need to get our priorities straight.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

Kansas Senate resolves: No more stupid, pretentious and pointless posturing about athletic events as if they matter in the long run, when we have better things to do.

/wish it wasn't a totally fictitious headline.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

this took all of what 5 min. for them to do, they got to take a deep breath have a little fun. It did not bring about the end of the world and Kansas is still here. Every one deserves to take a 5 min. break from thew real world.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

Time expenditure isn't the issue. As O-Bob said, this makes Kansans look either whiny or just stupid.

that_will_do_pig 9 years ago

mommeffort: I'm in total agreement that there is no harm done by lightening things up in the workplace every now and then... BUT--couldn't they have done that with a nice lunch? maybe a little entertainment? i just think it's really juvenile and embarrassing to use the state legislature as a forum for jokes, whether i think they're funny or not.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

I think it's fun!

We were noticing before the game that it was a B team. This article made me smile about the game after not wanting to smile about it since about 1:30 yesterday.

Our nation is so depressed about the status of the economy, I think a little humor is what is going to get us through this. Please!!!

sinkorswim 9 years ago

Wow! Some folks are in dire need of a chill pill, sense of humor, etc. My husband and I joked during the game about the "curse" of the B-teams. During this stressful time, we're glad to see a little humor!

lmb 9 years ago

Uhh...2fat4u I think you need to change your name to 2stupid2exist. College basketball players don't get paid. It's illegal. Now kindly go through yourself off a bridge.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

2stupid2exist. College basketball players don't get paid. It's illegal. Now kindly go through yourself off a bridge.

Ummmmm???? Through yourself off a bridge? And you're calling someone else stupid?

number1jayhawker 9 years ago

Yes they do receive money from the University when they live off of campus and are given money for their rent, which is legal and also they receive a few dollars for spending money, which is also 100% legal.

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