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12:00 a.m.
Street theater: Downtown Film Festival returns with more outdoor summer cinema
June 11, 2009 in print edition on 1C
The abandoned lot at Ninth and New Hampshire streets, normally overrun with weeds and ultimate Frisbee players, will soon be filled with people in lawn chairs eating popcorn.
6:00 a.m.
Prairie Park Nature Center naturalist Tasha Schultz, left, and nature education supervisor Marty Birrell prepare to vaccinate Lakota, the center’s male golden eagle. Nine of the center’s birds of prey were vaccinated Wednesday against West Nile virus, which they can get from mosquitoes. The birds are used in the center’s education program and live outdoors, where they are more susceptible than humans to mosquito bites. Wet spring means pests galore
June 12, 2009 in print edition on 1A
If those annoying blood-sucking insects haven’t started bugging you yet, get ready. Local health and bug experts expect a larger number of summer insects this year, as compared with last year.
10:00 a.m.
Students from Missouri State University try to navigate the streets of Lawrence blindfolded as part of a certification program for teachers of the visually impaired and orientation and mobility specialists. Blindfolds teach empathy for visually impaired
June 12, 2009 in print edition on 1A
Close your eyes for a minute. Now imagine trying to cross the street at a busy downtown Lawrence intersection, the only thing to guide you being the sound of the cars whizzing by. A group of four graduate students from Missouri State University were in town Thursday, trying to navigate downtown Lawrence — blindfolded.
2:00 p.m.
In this photo looking east down Ninth Street from the intersection of Sunset Drive, city crews ramp up their work Thursday to revamp Ninth from Iowa to Tennessee streets. Currently Ninth Street is closed from Sunset Drive to Emery Road, forcing drivers to use side streets to get around the construction. Portion of Ninth Street now closed
June 12, 2009 in print edition on 3A
Road construction just doubled Brad Finkeldei’s daily commute, and now he’s actively searching for the bright side amid the orange cones, piles of gravel and a few weeks’ worth of scheduled detours near his home. No need to despair — not when safer, smoother travel lay ahead for himself and another 17,000 people who travel Ninth Street each day between Iowa and Tennessee streets.
6:00 p.m.
Carolyn Young’s “Returning to Kansas” was taken in Ruleton, near the Colorado border. It’s among the photos Young is showing in Eutin, Germany. Rate of exchange: Lawrence community shares arts and entertainment with German sister city
June 12, 2009
Carolyn Young was making the arduous drive back to Kansas from Colorado, and she was not happy about it.

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Power restored to all of Douglas County
Two power outages leave nearly 6,000 with no power for part of Friday
05:48 p.m., June 12, 2009 Updated 02:17 a.m. in print edition on B2
Power was restored to all Westar Energy customers by 2 a.m. Saturday morning, according to Westar Energy’s Web site, after two power outages on Friday.
Emmy labels prove difficult to pin down
June 12, 2009 in print edition on C2
Which is funnier, “Weeds” or “Rescue Me”?