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Regents allocate federal stimulus funds for deferred maintenance at universities

June 3, 2009


— Higher education officials on Wednesday announced allocating $7.7 million in federal stimulus funds for repair projects at universities, but noted that it represents a small fraction of the deferred maintenance backlog.

“This vital work both stimulates the local economy and improves the learning environment for students,” Reginald Robinson, president and chief executive officer of the regents, said of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars dedicated to higher education.

The regents allocated all of the available current-year federal funding to 16 projects, determined by officials to be critically needed.

That included $2,073,228 at Kansas University’s Lawrence campus for numerous improvements for fire code safety, roof repair and replacement, electrical service, access for those with disabilities, and heating and air-conditioning improvements at Dyche Hall.

KU Medical Center will receive $868,024 for elevator and roof repairs and infrastructure improvements.

The backlog of repair and renovation projects at state university campuses has grown to $825 million, according to the regents.

In 2007, the Legislature approved a five-year maintenance funding plan that would have addressed approximately 31 percent of the backlog, but that plan was cut by $1.3 million this year because of state budget problems.


Shardwurm 9 years ago

I'm curious what it costs to hold a class at KU. There have been numerous summer school classes cancelled because there were not enough students.

In one case I know of there were 16 students paying around $750 each - or about $12,000 - and that wasn't deemed enough.

Not being critical here - I just want to know what the break-even point is for KU. Obviously it's not about education - it's about paying the professor and the university for its facilities. So how much does it cost?

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