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Americans for Prosperity group pledges to fight tax increases

January 22, 2009


— Americans for Prosperity said Thursday it would work against any tax increase and would support lower government spending as the Legislature faces a growing budget deficit.

Derrick Sontag, director of AFP’s Kansas chapter, said the state’s budget problems are due to excessive government spending in recent years.

“The state of our budget cannot be blamed solely on the current economy. It’s quite simple: We have an over-spending problem in our state government,” Sontag said.

Lawmakers face a $186 million shortfall in the current fiscal year and upwards of a $1 billion deficit in the next.

AFP is a nonprofit organization that has been active in Kansas elections. The Kansas chapter has 30,000 members, Sontag said.

AFP was founded by billionaire David Koch, executive vice president and a board director for Koch Industries, based in Wichita. Koch was the Libertarian Party candidate for vice president of the United States in 1980 and is a well-known backer of anti-tax efforts.

AFP’s legislative agenda includes:

• Reduction of state debt.

• Requiring local governments to provide uniform budget information on a Web site.

• Opposing any tax increase, including a proposed 50-cent increase in the state cigarette tax.

• Requiring a super-majority in the Legislature to raise taxes.

• Reforming property tax law to hold in check increasing appraisals.

• Requiring legislative confirmation for selecting Kansas Supreme Court justices.

• Establishing a cost-benefit analysis to prioritize road projects.

• Providing residents more rights in issues of eminent domain and annexation.

• Establishing a “sunset” process to review agencies and programs to determine if they should continue.


rabb 9 years, 3 months ago"Koch Industries has had numerous legal scraps over the years. In 2000, the company was indicted on 97 counts of environmental violations at a refinery in Texas. (After George W. Bush took office, 90 of the counts were dropped, and the company pleaded guilty to one count of falsifying a document.)"Don't raise taxes. The market will regulate itself. Government is the problem.

overthemoon 9 years, 3 months ago

I like to pay taxes. It is purchasing civilization.-- Oliver Wendell HolmesI'd like these anti tax people to think real long and hard about that statement. And what's the alternative? WE lose our schools, our care for the elderly and the disabled, we lose our military might and our ability to create a culture that enriches our lives beyond the basic necessities. But I'll bet these lunatics want guns to "defend" their big tv's, pick up trucks and mcmansions. They don't realize that their selfishness and shortsightedness has armed the 'enemy'.

zzgoeb 9 years, 3 months ago

Any bets Koch has paid less income tax in the past 10 years than a ordinary worker making $40k annually. This organization is all about the rich staying rich, and getting the average person to help them keep their wealth...what a crock!!! This greedhead needs to shut up and pay up!!!

Connacht 9 years, 3 months ago

"Come on, looney left. Put up or shut up."After the last eight years, I don't think you've the right to call those of us on the political left "looney". I understand you might be frustrated after watching your ideology go up in flames, but attacking people on the opposite side of the spectrum won't fix your ideological shortcomings, nor make them appear more legitimate. Americans pay much lower taxes than other industrialized nations, and it shows. Our infrastructure can't cope with well known and expected natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina), our aging power grid is becoming a serious threat to our economy and security, and we spend more money per person on health care than any other first world country while receiving considerably lower results. Is that really something in which we ought to take pride? Your "challenge" as you call it, is of course, illegitimate. Taxes and donations aren't the same thing. Of course, you know that, you're just trying to be argumentative and provoke people. Which might have worked, again, if the last eight years hadn't taken a tire iron to your anti-tax beliefs.

camper 9 years, 3 months ago

Pilgrim, nobodys ideaology is looney. Both the left and right, you and me, have developed our own beliefs over time. So well, that we picture them as our own master-view of the world. A masterpiece. No matter what later evidence comes around that might shoot a hole into our beliefs, we won't take this information into consideration. After all, once we have a belief, we have emotional investment, and it is unlikely we will change. But it is every man's right to have a belief, which I admit are nothing more than a nervous tic of activity. But we should not let these nervous tics carry over to other folks who we think might share the same nervous tic that we have let alone think they should follow our beliefs. I paraphrase John Steinbeck here.

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