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Other side of the cell phone controversy

January 20, 2009


Editor's note: Today's letters to the editor are from Southwest Junior High students learning about persuasive writing.

To the editor:

There are many dangers associated with driving and cell phone use. Drivers take their eyes of the road while dialing or texting and sometimes can get so involved in the conversation that they can’t concentrate on the road. The first law was passed in New York in 2001 banning hand-held cell phone use while driving; there has been debate as to how bad the hazard really is. The latest research shows that while using a cell phone when driving may not be the most dangerous distraction, but because it is so prevalent, it is by far the most common cause of a crash and near crash.

But, just because some people use their cell phones unwisely doesn’t make it right to ban them from use while driving overall. For example my mom could use her phone and dial numbers without looking at the phone’s keys or the screen. She was able to make important calls. Along with Bluetooth, both of my parents could make and receive calls with just the click of a button.

Rebekah Manweiler,

Southwest Junior High Student


Ragingbear 9 years, 4 months ago

I guess they don't encourage research in Jr.High anymore.

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