Letters to the Editor

Dare to read

February 21, 2009


To the editor:

Well, I haven’t addressed this column for a few years now. What should I complain about? What would Abe Lincoln have wanted for his 200th birthday? A little less grumbling?

I saw an interesting happening on his 200th birthday at about 11 a.m. Now, I’ve been around long enough that I have seen enough really unusual happenings to fill a full-length book, but none like this one. Perhaps few people have.

I was at Dunkin’ Donuts. After I arrived, a mother came in with her young daughter. After the mother got her seated with her breakfast, the mother broke out a storybook and started reading out loud to her daughter. Interestingly, both TVs had the volume clear down before they got there.

There were about seven or eight of us in there. Most of us were guys who’d like to think we’re tough (40 or 50 years ago, anyway). I noticed everybody was quiet and paying attention to the story about the big crocodile. One of the workers stood about 10 feet from the mother with arms folded and the somber look of someone on guard duty, but soon he started to chuckle. Another older gentleman in there many people in this town know to be well read. He was paying close attention also, newspaper aside.

I’m wondering if this mother will start a trend in this town of mothers boldly reading to their children in restaurants. Rats, still don’t have anything to complain about.

Roger Sprecher,


Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Did you suggest it's time to dispose of NOT interesting TV? Too bad Mr.Rogers is no longer on TV.

The healthiest item that child got for breakfast was a Crocodile story and company from that loving Mom. YES!

You old dudes were some lucky dudes. Perhaps the old dudes should bring children story books with you wherever you congregate. Obviously age is no barrier.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

hey Sprecher- Was Nealy with you? You know... the guy that was in marching band with you at the Orange Bowl. Now you remember.. both of you had a problem playing follow the leader.... It was great, everyone else made sharp right... you and Nealy went straight (at least forward)

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