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Payback sweet for Lions

Lawrence High senior guard Dorian Green signals to a teammate after drilling a three-pointer against Shawnee Mission South. Green scored 29 points in the Lions’ 67-43 victory Tuesday at Lawrence High.

Lawrence High senior guard Dorian Green signals to a teammate after drilling a three-pointer against Shawnee Mission South. Green scored 29 points in the Lions’ 67-43 victory Tuesday at Lawrence High.

February 11, 2009


LHS boys get revenge on Raiders

The Lawrence High boys' basketball team was out for redemption against Shawnee Mission South Tuesday night. Enlarge video

To hear Lawrence High guard Bobby Davis tell it, beating Shawnee Mission South on Tuesday night meant an awful lot more than most other “W’s” have this season.

To Davis, the Lions’ 67-43 boys basketball victory at home signified sweet payback a year in the making. And the backstory had him and his teammates plenty fired up.

It seems that following last year’s 65-52 loss against SM South, Raiders coach Pat Cormack reviewed the game tape and wasn’t particularly keen on Bobby’s aggressive play during a scrum with South’s Will Spradling. Cormack let Bobby’s dad — LHS coach Chris Davis — know about it with a complaint in the mail.

“This one’s been circled for a year,” said Chris Davis, who didn’t wish to elaborate. “This one meant something to us.”

It should be noted that Bobby is a naturally energetic player who seems to possess a magnet for loose balls, as he unofficially leads the team in floor burns. In fact, his propensity for floor burns this season actually left him with phlebitis — an inflammation of the blood veins that spread up his arm. As a result, Tuesday’s contest was his first game action in more than a week. And while his return coincided with the SM South game, he said he felt compelled to let his Lions do the talking for him on the court.

That they did. LHS scorched SM South for 48 second-half points, outscoring the Raiders, 48-29, in the second 16 minutes.

“At the end of the game when we got pulled out and those guys that don’t ever get to come in got in, that was just one of the greatest feelings,” said Bobby Davis, who finished with nine points.

Spradling, who orally has committed to play basketball at Kansas State, sat out Tuesday’s game with an injury.

Lions point guard Dorian Green took advantage. With Colorado State coach Tim Miles in attendance to watch him play, Green scored 29 for the game, hitting nine of 20 shot attempts while dishing seven assists.

He also led the Lions’ second-half charge, putting up 21 of his team’s 48 points over the final two quarters.

“I think at the end, it went from a six-point lead to a 20-point lead in like 30 seconds.” Green said.

Although Green’s estimation is almost mathematically impossible, the Lions did turn a close eight-point lead into a 24-point victory in just five minutes.

Lawrence (7-8, 2-4 in Sunflower League play) will take on Shawnee Mission West on Friday night at LHS.

While Green cited last year’s game as reason for motivation, he also noted the victory addressed more pressing matters.

“It’s a big game because we knew that it was for sub-state seedings,” Green said of SM South, whose conference mark stands at 3-5. “Now we’re tied, and we have the tiebreaker.”


ShepHawk 9 years, 4 months ago

I lived in Lawrence thoughout my college years, and I absolutely loved the town. With that being said, I am totally embarassed by the way the students, players and coaches at Lawrence High School behave. I have attended several games where the students were cursing and thowing things at the opposing team's bus, and the play this article refers to last year was "dirty," not aggressive. I also cannot believe that the Lawrence coach would discuss a private conversation/letter between him and another coach with the LJW. It's just too bad that Will Spradling couldn't play last night, because you wouldn't have had to bother writing this article.

mom_of_three 9 years, 4 months ago

Generalizing a little bit, including all the students, all the players and all the coaches at LHS.....

KANSASGATOR 9 years, 4 months ago

Wow! Are you kidding? A high school coach actually shared the PRIVATE email of another league coach with his team, and the LJW? That is really sad.Did the reporter view the play in question? How about a story on that? That is some cart to put before the horse, Jesse. Good luck to the Lions, and lets read more about the play on the court than the empty (perhaps) motivations shared by a coach who obviously has questionable judgement.Sad, and unprofessional...

mom_of_three 9 years, 4 months ago

The article doesn't say that Coach Davis mentioned the email to the ljw. And even if he did, it was his email and he had a right to mention it, and he didn't say what exactly was in it. Geez, get over yourselves

Afisher24 9 years, 4 months ago

ShepHawk, i'm totally offended by your comments and i guess you would have to attend LHS to understand. The passion at Lawrence High is second to none. The fans might get out of hand from time to time but you just have to love that, they will do anything to help their team win. Honestly, I have no idea what your talking about when your referring to how your embarrassed with how the coaches and players behave. If you think LHS players dont behave well then i guess you should watch some other teams and then re-evaluate your opinion. I played at LHS dude, sportsmanship was stressed heavily, if you did anything unsportmanlike you were almost certainly pulled from the game and chewed out. Get your facts straight, or pay better attention.

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