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KU proposal would eliminate Stop Day

February 11, 2009


A proposal before a university committee would eliminate Stop Day from the Kansas University academic calendar.

The day is on the chopping block because of a desire to see spring semester classes start on the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and for fall semester classes to start on a Monday. Now, Stop Day hinders the university’s ability to do that.

Currently, the semesters begin on a Thursday. In order to make the switch, KU would have to ask the Kansas Board of Regents to approve an academic calendar of fewer than the current 150 days.

The senate’s Calendar Committee also considered the larger-than-usual amount of alcohol consumed by students on Stop Day as a factor in recommending its removal, said Barb Phipps, committee chairwoman.

Students on the committee argued that they needed three days to prepare academically for the five-day finals week.

“The idea that two weekend days is enough to prepare for five consecutive days of finals is outrageous,” said Adam McGonigle, student body president.

The University Senate Executive Committee, or SenEx, balked on Tuesday at removing the day entirely. SenEx chairwoman Mary Berry suggested that the day be moved to Monday, with finals potentially running from Tuesday to Saturday. Some on the committee suggested that could interfere with the Jewish Sabbath.

For the students on the committee, it is unlikely that any calendar switches would affect them — any proposed changes would begin in the 2012-13 academic year.

If approved by SenEx, any changes to the calendar would need to approved by the entire University Senate, the provost, the chancellor and the regents before becoming final.

SenEx made no decisions on the changes, opting to consider more alternatives at its meeting next week.


compmd 9 years ago

If KU is so bent on pretending it is as elite as Ivy League schools, they won't do this. Many top-tier institutions of higher education have an entire "reading week" to prepare for semester finals. The "larger-than-usual amount of alcohol consumed" only has to do with students who don't care about their education or pick fields of study that simply don't have the same rigor as others; its not the university's place to punish those who choose more difficult majors or need the time to study. If KU passes the removal of stop day, it will have proven to me without a doubt that it has become a joke in the world of higher education.

Connacht 9 years ago

"Some on the committee suggested that could interfere with the Jewish Sabbath."Yeah, the Jewish kids on campus are SO observant....provided there's a test or class from which to be excused.

Erin Graham 9 years ago

1- some of us actually USE stop day for its purpose. Not everyone gets S-Faced with every given opportunity... This is almost punishment for those of us that don't.#2- For people working on the weekend, it's very beneficial.#3- having to ask regents to bend rules for -this-??

Jim Williamson 9 years ago

Either you know it or you don't. One day isn't going to make a lick of difference.

missmia 9 years ago

aren't KU's semesters already 1.5 weeks longer than the average college semester? Would it really hurt that much to start semesters a few days later AND keep stop day? I just graduated in May but I know that starting on a Thursday was a good way to ease into a semester and that stop day was really beneficial and very much needed by the time it came around.

Eric Neuteboom 9 years ago

It's always nice to be able to blow off a little steam before finals. College is about much more than academia. The social aspect, though easy to lambaste, is equally important.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Free beer and stop day tomorrow.

webmocker 9 years ago

“The idea that two weekend days is enough to prepare for five consecutive days of finals is outrageous,” said Adam McGonigle, student body president.Oh please. Students who care about their success prepare throughout the entire fifteen weeks of the semester, not during the two (or three) days before finals week. Sure, good students will use any extra time that is offered, but they don't need it.

persevering_gal 9 years ago

I agree with missmia on this, that starting classes on a Thursday is always a nice way to ease into the semester as well as having Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off. I also agree that not everyone goes out and gets drunk and actually does use Stop Day to prepare for finals. If Barb Phipps is concerned about the alcohol factor, then maybe we should just get rid of weekends and national championships as well! Doesn't the KU board have more concerning factors to worry about at the time being?

WilburM 9 years ago

KU semesters -- at 16 weeks -- are a full two weeks too long. Very few colleges and universities require such length. Two weeks less, plus maybe a couple of reading days, would work out well. Dorms would be open for fewer days, students could work longer, the University could experiment with more short courses. So maybe start on a Monday (radical idea) end on a Wed., have two days of reading/preparation, then finals on Fri/Sat, another day off, and finish up early the next week. The current system is truly foolish and wasteful.

Hawk6643 9 years ago

Webmocker, you are wrong. Most of us do spend the whole semester preparing. However, there are a few professors that decide to give you a test the week before finals and then introduce 3 chapters of new information within the last 4 days of class that will still be on the final. When that happens, the extra days are necessary in order to integrate material.

George_Braziller 9 years ago

I worked a 3/4 time job and carried a full load of classes when I went to KU so having one extra day to prepare for finals week was a treat. Not all finals involve a test. I used stop day to finish projects that had to be turned in as a final for some of my classes.

das 9 years ago

Give me a break!.....oh wait KU now has a Fall Break to match their Spring Break. KU's semesters are so much worse than other schools (as you cite)......then they must be horribly tormented souls here. I was at KU '89-'93 and there was no break other than the holidays and Spring (and I did take summer classes to get through a double major in 4 years....while working part time).......Waah frickin Waah!.....peace out.

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

What's next? Are they going to eliminate Park And Ride because, in their opinion, it would promote exercise having to walk from 23rd and Iowa to class?

gl0ck0wn3r 9 years ago

"Connacht (Anonymous) says… Yeah, the Jewish kids on campus are SO observant….provided there's a test or class from which to be excused."Ah yes, the smell of Jew bashing in the morning... Jewish kids at KU are no more or less observant than kids of other faiths. My guess is that if there were tests scheduled on Easter, plenty of non-observant Christians would take the day off.

SandCoAlmanac 9 years ago

Does anyone know when and/or why Stop Day started? Were KU classes formerly easier, therefore not requiring a Stop Day, and then they got more difficult .... ? Also I don't understand the math here. If KU meets for 150 days, as the article says, then 7 divided into 150 equals 21+ weeks, right? So, WilburM, for example, where do the 16 weeks come from? I don't know, so I'm just asking....

WilburM 9 years ago

16 weeks = 16 weeks of classes -- look at the KU schedule; not rocket science.

Kyle Reed 9 years ago

flamingdragon (Anonymous) says…"so don't even try to respond to my higher level of intelligence"I like the way you cleverly wove into your rant statements clearly showing a contradiction to your claim of being of higher intelligence. Kudos.

1029 9 years ago

Don't forget that students are only going to class 3 or 4 hours on that Friday, tops. Is there really that much of a difference between 68 hours (20 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and 72 hours (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)?Sure, everyone will always want an extra day off--especially when it means a later Thursday and no Friday class--but to argue that it is going to have a negative effect on a student's performance during finals is what is really "outrageous". Listening to Moronigle, you would think students had finals 9-5 all week long.(By the way, I loved "stop day", but that one day is not going to make one tiny bit of difference when it comes time to take finals--unless that last Friday class had some huge test or assignment due that is not part of the final, which is highly, highly unlikely to happen)

middleoftheroad 9 years ago

Who cares!! This is "news", not actual news. There is so much more going on at KU than this. Oh, wait, those would be positive stories and would go against everything the LJ World stands bad!

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