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Dangerous curve

February 7, 2009


To the editor:

This is regarding the 90-degree curve at Michigan and Riverridge. When is someone within the city going to properly warn drivers of the upcoming curve? Maybe when someone actually dies, or kids are playing in the backyard just behind the curve and they get injured. I have seen countless wreckage at that site. It must cost the city more to fix the steel than it would to throw up a warning sign with flashing lights.

People who live within that area know of the dangerous curve, but someone traveling that road for the first time would really have no clue of the upcoming danger. I’m just hoping that the problem gets solved before I say “I told you so.”

Jarrod Lynds,


Carol Braden 9 years, 3 months ago

As the majority of the wrecks at North Michigan and Riverridge have occurred in the middle of the night, I would guess that alcohol was the strongest contributor. N Michigan and Riverridge used to be a curve. However, when N Michigan was repaved, this area was changed to 90 degree turn where the roads end. It's somewhat unusual, but less dangerous. A left or right turn forces drivers to turn more slowly than when taking a curve. As long as we have drunk drivers on the road, no stretch of road or yard is safe.

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