Letters to the Editor

Holiday miracle

December 29, 2009


To the editor:

This year more than any other we witnessed a “miracle on Elm Street.” It seemed that every time we turned around there were more Santas and angels arriving at Ballard Community Services.

This year, Santa arrived as two small children wishing to donate toys from the Tree of Stars and returning the next day to bring more because they wanted other children to have gifts. This year, an angel arrived in the form of an 81-year-old woman delivering money to help get one more family adopted. This year, Santa arrived with an entire slew of helpers to deliver Christmas for 50 families and they did so with smiles on their faces. This year, an entire host of angels reached out to a struggling single mother on Christmas Day and provided a wonderful feast for a family of 10. The joy I witnessed on the faces of the givers was amazing. The relief, thankfulness and joy I witnessed on the mother’s face, combined with the anticipation on the faces of the children, was absolutely priceless.

Working in an agency where I get to witness both sides of the equation is just about the best job that anyone could have, I think. However, living in a community like Lawrence where everyone reaches out to take care of those around them is a true blessing. Thank you to the myriad of Santas and angels who provided so much for those in need. You truly do make a very big difference.


Brent Garner 8 years, 4 months ago

I believe that the Reason for the Seaons said: "Love one another", and also told a rich young man about who was his neighbor.

equalaccessprivacy 8 years, 4 months ago

I just wish all the many aggressive local busybodies would not terrorize complete strangers on the public streets on the basis of offensive stereotypes. If this is thought by some to constitute caring for one's neighbor I must beg to differ. It creates a hostile public environment. The best help you can give another is to respect and promote their equal rights and the universal desire for independence and dignity. Get over your selfish wish to be thanked--most people would rather deal with ordinary inconveniences than be messed over and frightened by aggressive and less than fully intellectually competent strangers.

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