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State rescinds water advisory in Jefferson County district

December 22, 2009


State officials Tuesday rescinded a boil water advisory for Jefferson County Rural Water District 10, which is on the northeast side of Lake Perry in Jefferson County.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued the advisory last Friday, after a water main break that resulted in a loss of water pressure in the system.

Subsequent lab tests indicated no evidence of contamination, officials said.


o_no_you_didnt 8 years, 1 month ago

NOW, the STATE OFFICIALS should go to the city of Perry and test the water, every time I have been to caseys the coffee in the coffee pots has a ( visible film ) floating on the top and this one time I was visiting a friend in Perry and I had to go pee so I used their bathroom and noticed a ( visible film ) floating on top of the toilet water!! True story.

Seriously, I think somebody should TEST the water in Perry I am willing to bet it would not pass inspection. If you do test the water in Perry DO NOT let anybody know you are doing it initially, because they are wayyyyyyyyyy corrupt in that little town and the word would get out with the quickness and the city would probably RUSH out to treat the water in order to pass the test.

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