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KU to show off green side

December 16, 2009


Basketball players from both Kansas University and the University of Michigan will be warming up in T-shirts made from 100 percent recycled material — with a special Green Game logo on the back — before Saturday’s 11 a.m. nonconference game in Allen Fieldhouse.

The Green Game is a collaboration between KU, the city of Lawrence and ESPN, designed to feature KU and Lawrence’s sustainability efforts.

Other aspects of the Green Game:

• KU’s facilities crew has switched to eco-friendly cleaning products.

• Baby Jay and Big Jay will wear a green T-shirt promoting recycling. Spirit Squad members will wear Green Game T-shirts.

• ESPN will highlight energy-efficient lighting used throughout KU’s renovated facilities.

• ESPN will air eco-friendly tips during the broadcast.

• Tables will be set up in the Fieldhouse to provide information on sustainability. Educational signs will be placed in the restrooms.

• All bottles recycled will be taken to the Wal-Mart Recycling Center.

• Mascots will collect bottles during time outs.

• Coca-Cola has provided 30 additional recycling bins. Green footprints will lead people to the bins.

• Centerplate, KU’s concessionaire, is using biodegradable popcorn bags and recycling all used popcorn oil. Oil used in cooking will be picked up by Darling Industries, which recycles the oil it collects.

• ESPN has produced two features about go-green initiatives on the KU campus, which will air during the broadcast. The first highlights the 15 elliptical machines in the Ambler Student Recreation Center that convert kinetic energy created by individual workouts and feed it into the building's electrical grid. The second features KU's Biodiesel Initiative, which collects used cooking oil from campus dining halls and converts it into biodiesel fuel. This fall the converted fuel was used to power campus lawn mowers and generators in the Hy-Vee Kids’ Fun Zone outside Memorial Stadium.

• KU will recognize five on-campus winners of its Sustainability Leadership Awards program.

• The city of Lawrence has purchased 8,000 kilowatt-hours of The Bowersock Mills and Power Company’s certified renewable energy certificates. It’s enough energy to cover the estimated total electricity in Allen Fieldhouse during the game.

“We are proud of the efforts of the city, the university and Kansas athletics and delighted that ESPN will showcase them to a national audience. Both teams were very cooperative,” associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said.

“It’s a good cause, brings attention to it. We’ll participate any way they want,” KU coach Bill Self noted.


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