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Dog rescued from ice, caught on tape

A dog that fell through the ice was rescued from a lake in Topeka. The owners were happy to be reunited with the pet, which had been chasing geese.

December 15, 2009


Dog rescued from ice, caught on tape

See how rescue workers saved a dog from an icy lake. Enlarge video

— Mary and Steve Hutchinson, Topeka, are relieved to be reunited with their golden retriever, Roman, after a harrowing experience at Lake Sherwood on Tuesday morning.

Mission Township water rescue crews were called to the lake after Roman fell in past the ice shelf and was unable to get out. Lt. Jason Schone entered the water, wrapped a harness around the dog, and indicated to the crew on the bank to get the pet out of the water.

Roman snapped at Schone a couple of times when the rescuer was trying to push the dog out of the water. Schone said in a pet rescue it is common for an animal to react like that toward a stranger, because of fear.

Owner Steve Hutchinson then walked onto the ice, grabbed the dog's collar, and pulled him onto the bank, where Mary Hutchinson grabbed a towel and started drying Roman off before thanking the crew.

The owners then took Roman to an animal hospital to be checked out.


gladiatr 8 years, 1 month ago

Well of course he snapped at them! When was the last time he got to go swimming?? He wasn't done having fun yet! That's the glory of being a golden retriever: consequences are only relevant when it involves something tasty!

Anyway, as a fellow golden owner, several dozen cheers to the rescue workers that fished him out!

password 8 years, 1 month ago

i'm glad they were able to get there in time to save him!

Rabbitgoesthump 8 years, 1 month ago

hope they didnt take him to stone house they find any reason to put dogs down there

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