Letters to the Editor

Great job

August 28, 2009


To the editor:

A belated “thank you very much” to the sanitation department of the City of Lawrence for the excellent work they did during the “rental turnover” weekend of Aug. 1. I’ve been a landlord in town for 25-plus years and can’t remember a time when the streets, alleys and dumpsters were not overflowing with all kinds of trash, furniture and miscellaneous junk for days, awaiting regular trash pickup.

What a pleasant surprise to wake up each morning and find that the trash and discarded contents of a tenant’s refrigerator had been hauled away. Sorry to all of the “dumpster divers” who didn’t get a chance to tear apart the trash looking for treasures. Thanks again to the sanitation department workers for doing such a great job during a very stressful and hectic weekend.


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