Letters to the Editor

Planning ahead

August 18, 2009


To the editor:

I feel a need to also respond to the “end-of-life” controversy. I am a 91-year-old living at the Presbyterian Manor. They are not in the business of hurrying people out of this world, but when we moved here in 2002 we had to fill out an end-of-life form to designate what we wanted done if we had a heart attack, stroke, accident or other serious life-threatening event.

The form includes the option of “no heroic actions” if it was certified likely that this continued life would be in a vegetative state. It also included the option to have all measures possible taken to keep us alive. It was not deemed a threat to us but a means of having us make a decision while we were rational, rather than having the medical facility opt for “all means possible.”

I also feel concerned for the uninsured and the high cost of doing nothing. The new plan would be costly but doing nothing would be also. I feel it would be good for small businesses to cover their employees.


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