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How well do you know KU alumni and traditions?

August 18, 2009


This is the final quz in a series of quizzes about Kansas University. See the answers at the end of the quiz.

1. Basketball founder and KU coach James Naismith also was an occasional preacher. What was his denomination?

A. Episcopal

B. Presbyterian

C. Methodist

D. Baptist

2. Which group was the Rock Chalk chant originally intended for?

A. Science Club

B. Baseball team

C. Student Council

D. Faculty

3. What do the words on the KU seal mean?

A. “God guides our path of life.”

B. “Expanding horizons is the greatest of virtues.”

C. “Knowledge is a sacred quest.”

D. “I will see this great vision in which the bush does not burn.”

4. Why are KU’s colors crimson and blue?

A. Crimson represents courage, and blue represents tranquility.

B. Students voted on what colors to use.

C. To mimic colors of Harvard and Yale.

D. It was easiest to get crimson and blue uniforms for athletics teams.

5. Who of the following are NOT buried in Pioneer Cemetery, on KU’s West Campus?

A. Thomas Barber, about whom John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem.

B. Former chancellors Malott, Nichols and Wescoe.

C. Phog Allen, former basketball coach

D. Members of the 13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

6. Who of the following did not attend KU?

A. Robert Eaton, former CEO of Chrysler

B. Alf Landon, former presidential candidate

C. Marlin Fitzwater, former presidential press secretary

D. Mandy Patinkin, actor

7. In the statue of Uncle Jimmy Green along Jayhawk Boulevard, Green is posing with student Alfred C. Alford. What was Alford’s distinction?

A. First KU graduate killed in the Spanish-American war.

B. First graduate of the KU School of Law

C. First KU graduate to serve on a federal appeals court.

D. First KU graduate to have an exhibition at the Louvre.

8. Complete this line from “I’m a Jayhawk”: “Got a bill that’s big enough ...”

A. “To turn the Wildcat pale.”

B. “To make the Cornhuskers wail.”

C. “To twist the Tiger’s tail.”

D. “To make the Longhorns ail.”

9. Which president called the “Rock Chalk” chant the greatest college chant he’d ever heard?

A. Teddy Roosevelt

B. Woodrow Wilson

C. Herbert Hoover

D. Rutherford B. Hayes

10. What year was the current version of the Jayhawk, drawn by Hal Sandy, created?

A. 1866

B. 1946

C. 1984

D. 1903


1-B; 2-A; 3-D; 4-C; 5-C; 6-C; 7-A; 8-C; 9-A; 10-B.


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