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Immigration poses threat

August 15, 2009


— The Daily Telegraph’s headline is meant to shock, or at least get the attention of Europeans apathetic about the threat they face: “A Fifth of European Union Will Be Muslim by 2050.”

In a related article “Muslim Europe: the Demographic Time Bomb Transforming Our Continent,” The Telegraph’s lead sentence summarizes the problem: “Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: A recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policymakers are talking about it.”

The late British parliamentarian Enoch Powell warned more than 40 years ago that Britain had to be mad to allow in 50,000 dependents of immigrants every year. Powell, who was denounced as a racist and a xenophobe by the intellectual elites, compared it to watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

In retrospect, Powell looks like a prophet. According to Oxford demographer David Coleman, Britain’s nonwhite population is on course “to grow from 9 percent at the last census in 2001 to 29 percent by the year 2051.” Coleman estimates that if Britain continues at its current level of immigration — 191,000 per year by 1999 reports — its population could increase by 15 million by 2050, which will bring change most Britons don’t believe in.

In his new book, “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West,” Financial Times and Weekly Standard columnist Christopher Caldwell lays out in undisputable terms and with irrefutable facts the threat faced by the West. He says it is worse than anything al-Qaida can deliver. Caldwell cites numerous reasons for the predicament faced by Europe (and the United States), including the idea of a European Union, which is quickly eliminating individual identity, culture and money (the one-size-fits-all Euro). Without an identifiable culture, immigrants cannot be assimilated, even if they want to be, which in the case of radical Muslims, argues Caldwell, they don’t.

In addition to massive immigration, Caldwell says, the high birth rate among immigrants, coupled with the low birth rate among white Europeans (barely enough in some countries to replace those who are dying) means that soon 20 percent of Europe’s population would be Muslim.

The rapid population change, writes Caldwell, is startling when you consider that as recently as the mid-20th century there were virtually no Muslims in Western Europe. At the turn of this century, there were between 15 million and 17 million Muslims in Western Europe, including 5 million in France, 4 million in Germany and 2 million in Britain. What is the attraction of these countries, which to some Islamic minds are full of idolatry, hedonism and secularism? All one need do is listen to the radical sermons and the vitriolic statements of certain Islamic leaders and spokesmen and to the radical Islamic media. They say their goal is to subjugate Europe and America to their religion.

At a recent conference near Chicago called “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam,” Imam Jaleel Abdul Razek responded to a question from the audience about whether the U.S. Constitution or Sharia law should rule the United States when Islam is in control. Razek said Sharia would rule and that the Constitution would have to go.

Caldwell writes that uncontrolled immigration without assimilation “exacts a steep price in freedom. The multiculturalism that has been Europe’s main way of managing mass immigration requires the sacrifice of liberties that natives once thought of as rights.”

Those who support immigration without assimilation claim the West needs more brainy people to run their computers and discover cures for diseases. Why can’t our school systems produce more intelligent people without having to import them? More than “brains” are coming to the West. Those with a radical theological and political agenda are infiltrating us more effectively than our enemies of the 20th century ever dreamed of doing.

Twice in the last century America has delivered Europe from homegrown evil. It won’t be able to do so again when that evil is imported and when America is dealing with immigration problems of its own.


puddleglum 8 years ago

those darn mexicans are at it again?

puddleglum 8 years ago

pretty soon, Palin will be president. she is so popular right now. Palin, so hot right now, Palin.

did you know that southern Kansas is almost 80% muslim already? and with the addition of the muslim terrorists being flown into leavenworth, the muslim population of the state is through the roof....hey, they might even vote for someone other than brownback.

puddleglum 8 years ago

Cal, what are us whites to do? please lead us. how do we breed faster? I can assure you that I am doing all that i can. :o

puddleglum 8 years ago

I love cal, how come no one else does?

Tom McCune 8 years ago

Cal is actually sort of right about this one, but he offers no solution. The bottom line is that "white" euro-Americans, some Asians, and some other groups are doing the right thing for the planet in holding down on global population growth. But the followers of this primitive religion, egged on by its narcissistic leaders are jeopardizing not just western civilization, but the sustainability of life of Earth. But, like most religious fanatics, they don't care about this world.

rbwaa 8 years ago

How much more "bigoted" can a person be?

bullbutt 8 years ago

Puddleglum, your comment that the mexicans are at it again is unfair. As an employer who uses hispanic labor through government programs like H2A and H2B, I have found that they are a reliable work force. Maybe the problem is with the "white" people who will not perform manual labor, or they will for a day and quit.

Scott Drummond 8 years ago

"Maybe the problem is with the “white” people who will not perform manual labor, or they will for a day and quit. "

A lie foisted upon us by the corporate entities that enjoy having an abundance of cheap labor who will work under most any conditions and not make waves about any illegalities. The "white" people will work manual labor jobs but require legal wages and working conditions.

rbwaa 8 years ago

"bigot - an intolerant person, esp. in matters of religion, race or politics." American Heritage Dictionary

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

"Maybe the problem is with the “white” people who will not perform manual labor, or they will for a day and quit."

Maybe that is a racist statment. ANd Maybe the illegals you hire just work for less and most Ameirican Citizens will not do manual labor for the hourly rates that a person like you pays.

Who is bigoted?

You are no great business wizard if your plan is to exploit desperate people, and then complain that "legal" people "won't do the jobs". That is BS. The fact is you "won't pay" a reasonable wage for that difficult work.

I know, I did labor until the prices collapsed.

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

BTW Scott are allof your VISA holders noted on your workman's comp? Are you paying the matching portions of FICA and witholding?

Or are you using them as "subcontractos" and not paying a dime for the contributions you are legally required to pay on behalf of a legal employee?

Additionally, do you think with a 9.4% unemployment rate, it is wise to hire non-citizens over citizens? Citizens don't need VISAS.

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

Here is an article from California where the county is cutting off medical assistance to those that cannot prove they are in the country legally.

That is the problem, illegal immigration . legal immigration is fine with me.

BigPrune 8 years ago

All these European countries need to do is enact legislation that makes it beneficial for citizens to have children, but then again, it might be too late.

Very interesting, kind of alarmist but not to be taken lightly.

jaywalker 8 years ago

"A lie foisted upon us by the corporate entities that enjoy having an abundance of cheap labor....."

Scott, brother, you have GOT to get out of Lawrence, man. Your lack of "real world" experience is so transparent. Bullbutt's comment, while misdirected as I'm fairly certain puddleglum's post was purely sarcastic, is very accurate. I've told this story before, but my experiences in the construction industry have seen such to be true. A friend of mine tried to run a crew in Lawrence, eight men, and could never field a full crew for many consecutive days. He finally offered a bonus of $500 per month for every man that showed up every day for that month. He gave out one bonus for the year. The crew members: all white. It has nothing to do with 'corporate entities' and everything to do with a misplaced sense of entitlement too many Americans have adopted.
In Atlanta when the housing industry was booming, you never saw a single crew of white or black men working, and that's in hundreds of subdivisions and tens of thousands of houses! And if the situation was solved with increased wages, as you seem to suggest, few would be able to afford a house. The problem of 'low wages' isn't the fact they're low (they aren't) and 'working conditions' are safer here than anywhere, it's that the government is too freakin' big and has to take too much of your money to sustain itself. It's the Federal Government Corporation that's the issue, not your 'evil' view of business.

Bob_Keeshan 8 years ago

Muslims aren't capitalists?

You learn something new everyday. I guess in Cal's world the only real capitalists are the Jews. They control Hollywood, you know.

Yes, religious stereotyping is fun!

rbwaa 8 years ago

bigotry is bigotry, one form does not negate another

puddleglum 8 years ago

so you are saying that white people don't work and black people just feel entitlement? and now its the gubbernmant's fault? so poor little contractors are forced to go with the one labor that they can count on: subcontracos

what a pickle! so the chinese make everything, the mexicans build everything..the white people and black people are just too lazy to show up to work, and the government is to blame because they control everything too much....

looks like we need more regulation if anything! maybe ross perot was right.

Heavy import tariffs. sorry honda & wal-mart. don't worry about the trade loss with china or japan-they don't buy any of our crap anyway.

jobs for the middle class...there has to be sonething we can do.

jaywalker 8 years ago

"...and the government is to blame because they control everything too much….

looks like we need more regulation if anything!"

The perfect couplet to sum up that nonsense.

fuel_for_the_fire 8 years ago

The bottom line is that “white” euro-Americans.......are doing the right thing for the planet in holding down on global population growth.

Really Newell? Obviously, you are unaware of the Quiverfull movement.

I have found that gross generalizations about a people, religion, country, culture, et cetera are often wrong.

puddleglum 8 years ago

jaywalker:"The perfect couplet to sum up that nonsense"

yeah, now I think you are beginning to understand

beatrice 8 years ago

CalThomas: "Twice in the last century America has delivered Europe from homegrown evil. It won’t be able to do so again when that evil is imported and when America is dealing with immigration problems of its own."

Muslim = evil.

Cal is simply pathetic.

50YearResident 8 years ago

Europe has sealed their doom by disarming the citizens and allowing unlimited immigration. America is sealing their doom with freedom of religion while some religions we allow freedom have no intention of letting us continue to keep our religious freedom.

tomatogrower 8 years ago

BooHoo, Cal. Considering this country used to belong to people, not of your color or religion, I can't feel real sorry for you.

puddleglum 8 years ago

I thought that Kansas was a growing muslim state. isn't wichita 80% muslim?

fuel_for_the_fire 8 years ago

Puddleglum, sarcasm is not easily discerned in written communication. People might really think you are that stupid.

storm 8 years ago

Radical Muslims are the not same as Muslims, Cal. They're like the the Christian Coalition which gives alot of Christians a bad name. The only threat is from extremists like the KKK , alQueda and others. And why the paranoia about non-whites changing the demographic landscape, anyway?

Ralph Reed 8 years ago

@Newell_Post. re: your 0123. You said,

"But the followers of this primitive religion, egged on by its narcissistic leaders are jeopardizing not just western civilization, but the sustainability of life of Earth. But, like most religious fanatics, they don't care about this world."

About whom were you speaking, sounds to me like you were talking about Christian Fundamentalists in addition to any other fundamentaltist. Also, Islam is no more primitive than is Christianity. Both are a natural progression from a pantheon to belief in a single god.

About the "article". Cal Thomas is like any other far right or far left. They scream and shout that something is wrong, denegrate people, make fun of proposals, tell lies to meet their own ends, etc ad nauseum. Unfortunately, as I see it, the ones with the most press and face time seem to be "Radical Conservatives" who refuse to listen and would rather be part of the problem than be part of a solution. I place Cal Thomas, Glenn Beck, Palin and multitude of other entertainers in this group. What are they so afraid of that they can't be part of a solution?

Cal Thomas' fear target this week is imigrants from "islamic" countries, rather his target is Islam. He seems to be one of those who wish to continue the "Holy Crusade" to rid the mid-east of Muslims. (Yes, I have heard soldiers return from the sand box saying they truly believed they had been part of such a crusade.)

Well-done Cal. I pity you for being so afraid to speak of someone who is not white, judeo-christian, with anything except derision. Also, well-done LJW for printing his articles. Not exciting, nor particularly well written, but at least they generate some discussion.

puddleglum 8 years ago

fuel, I thought sarcasm was only when liberals thought muslims were bad. I was just trying to slow down for the posters....thas all.

mickeyrat 8 years ago

Cal sez we need "listen" (and be very afraid of) the "radical sermons and the vitriolic statements of certain Islamic leaders... (who) say their goal is to subjugate Europe and America to their religion."

I guess if Cal heard a white preacher talking about spreading the gospel worldwide and converting all humanity, he wouldn't be alarmed, either.

Luckily, we live in a secular country, where freedom does not depend on the religion of its people or king.

Sorry Cal, I'm just not in the mood to spend the remaining decades of my life terrified by the prospect of having non-white, or non-Christian, neighbors. I have better things to do.

mickeyrat 8 years ago

If the demographic trends make this "horrible outcome" that Cal predicts unavoidable, maybe "we" should trust that "they" will treat us with the same level of freedom and justice we have shown other ethnic and religious minorities.

Then again, that's probably makes Cal such a Nervous Nellie.

Euro24 8 years ago

Part 1

With EU Muslims it is not so much the birth rate - but the immigration that is the problem.

A good portion of America's Muslims are westernised - that means that they or their parents were converts from Christianity. Muslims from the Islamic world are different in that they have a custom of arranged marriages - mostly to cousins. Around 75% of British Muslims are married to their first cousin.

If they were marrying within UK or EU groups - then they would be better integrated. But with each generation about 60% or so (I believe) are in marriages which bring their spouse from the Islamic world - mainly Pakistan and Bangladesh - in the UK.

Most of these immigrants have low education levels - if they have been educated at all. And then there is the language barrier - with one parent in most families.

Which would answer Obama's question - of our Muslims are doing so well - why aren't Europe's?


Though I believe the data is being somewhat confused - what I believe is happening is that immigration - is being counted as numbers born.

If a Muslim man wants to marry - he then seeks out a wife in Pakistan - in France this might be Morocco or Algeria and so on - when they have 3 or 4 children in Europe - they then look to the Islamic world - to find spouses for each of these children.

Euro24 8 years ago

Part 2

The UK government is now cracking down on forced marriages - which usually involves a trip to the old country - where the young girl is either forcibly married or told she will be married to someone - the family has chosen.

Now - the one immigrant who marries an imported bride - has 3 - 4 children - successfully arranges spouses for each of them - all from the old country - so that the one person becomes 8 or even 10 people - where half are imported.

Muslims have been allowed to do this generation after generation. So long as this is allowed how can they embrace the new country?

No doubt financial and other deals are being struck - in any case the marriages are arranged so that further family members can immigrate - where they otherwise would not have been able to.

Denmark has stopped the practise since 2002.

There was one study in a Northern country - which showed how 1,000 Turkish immigrants over 20 years became 20,000. More than birth rate it was the arranged marriages - where everyone had to get a partner from Turkey. And showed - where some of the men were marrying and divorcing several times - each time getting a new partner from abroad.

In the UK some of the Muslim men - are living with more than one wife (Shari'a courts) - where each wife and her children are given their own separate house - all paid for by the state. And each wife is brought in from abroad.

While Muslims are crying Islamophobia in Europe - this is what is going on.

Just a few short years ago - you could hardly tell the difference between a Hindu, a Sikh or Muslim woman from Southern Asia - now Muslim women distinguish themselves - by wearing only black and the burqa like they do in the heart of the Middle East. The Somali immigrants have also changed their dress - to only wearing black in the Arab style and some Turkish women are doing the same.

A complete and abrupt - dumping of their unique traditional dress. Of course when they are looked at - it is Islamophobia - now they are demanding that Europeans accept this new version of Islam. Along with it - are the calls for Shari'a law - both moderate and extreme versions - as a way to solve Europe's problems. [They appear to equate Shari'a and its harsh punishments with Utopia.]

The good thing is that even the Leftist governments and parties are being made to pay attention now. All political parties are now being pushed to action. Germany has cracked down on the immigration 'fetching' marriages - so has France and Holland - [some require immigrants from the Islamic world to take a test - for western tolerance] - the question is - is it enough and do we have to do more.

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